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External rotor motors with integrated control electronics The brushless VDC-49.15-K4 external rotor motor from ebm-papst features outstanding power density and compact dimensions. It has an integrated speed, torque, and position control function. The drive is equipped with completely integrated K4 operation and control electronics, and in combination with the PerformaxPlus 63 planetary gear, can be used in operating tables and pump drives. Internal rotor motors for rehabilitation devices The brushless, electronically commutated internal rotor motors feature extremely smooth operation and a long service life. The K1 electronics module is dimensioned for operation with external control electronics that record the rotor position with Hall sensors, for example. In combination with the Performax 42 planetary gear, the ECI-42.40-K1 drive is installed in knee braces that are used in rehabilitation. The motors induce longitudinal displacement. Getting there faster In the modular system, both standard and preferred types of the ebm-papst drives are available. Preferred types are ready for shipment within 48 hours for quick sampling purposes, for example. In this way, engineers can receive an ebm-papst drive, install it and test it in a short period of time so they can quickly progress in their development work – an important component of time to market. Centrifugal fans for respirators Patients with sleep apnea suffer from breathing interruptions while sleeping and require a breathing mask for support. The mask transports air (oxygen) into the lungs at regular intervals. Systematic head and air quantity control supports the body’s own breathing reflex, which requires a particularly high level of pressure. At the start of the breathing sequence, a high level of pressure is required and the level is low at the end. This means pressure fluctuations between 400 Pa and 2,000 Pa. The RV45 centrifugal fan from ebm-papst was specially developed for these requirements. Its highly dynamic characteristics enable it to deal with pressure fluctuation within 200 ms and with 410 l/min and a pressure increase of over 5,000 Pa, it delivers the technical support required for a refreshing night’s sleep. The fan is extremely quiet to encourage uninterrupted sleep.