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Sprinting to top speed The RV45 centrifugal fan can deliver pressures up to 5,000 Pa and vary its speed between 5,000 and 50,000 rpm with an acceleration of 50 rpm per millisecond. Such a range of speeds is important for devices such as respirators and vacuum lifting units, but the fan is still extremely quiet. Its air flow of up to 540 l/min enables focused ventilation or cooling. The control electronics monitor the maximum permissible power consumption during quick bursts of speed to ensure that the unit’s responsiveness is not impacted. In addition, integration of active braking functionality enables an additional increase in responsiveness during phases of negative acceleration. Technology for maximum responsiveness To equip it for the widest possible range of applications, the RV45 features a highly responsive internal rotor motor. The fan is designed for an external motor controller, with benefits for matching the fan to its application. A variant of the RV45 with Hall sensors in the motor is available to customers wanting to simplify development of their own control electronics. A version of the RV45 with integrated electronics is already in development and will go into production in the coming months; this plug & play solution will enable quick integration of the RV45 in customer applications. Economical and lightweight Low power consumption of 43 W in free air mode and less than 30 W at pressure ensure long running time in battery operation. With a weight of about 135 g, the fan is quite light – very important for portable devices such as respirators since the weight of the filter unit with fan is carried on the user’s body. Another advantage for industrial applications is the fan’s compact design; it measures only 64 x 69.5 x 55 mm and is available in 12 V and 24 V DC versions. Versatile and reliable In the industrial sector, the RV45 centrifugal fan can be used wherever rapidly changing air flow and/or high pressures are required, e.g. air filtering equipment, packaging machinery, smoke detection systems, circuit board production, exhaust systems for soldering and welding gases, vacuum equipment, or fuel cell ventilation. Thanks to its special features and reliability, the RV45 is also used in medical respiration equipment.