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The right fan for every application For installation in refrigeration and freezing applications, ebm-papst provides modern fan concepts based on an extremely efficient, electronically commuted EC motor. Among the range of several energy-efficient motor variants, the energy-saving motor (ESM) is predestined for use in refrigerated cabinets. With an efficiency level of up to 70%, it consumes only one third of the power of a comparable shaded-pole motor. The compact EC motors are available both as OEM components for combining with a separate impeller and as complete plug & play systems. Whereas the axial series is designed for installation under shelves, the fans with a diagonal impeller are designed to be installed in the rear panel of refrigerated display cases. Thanks to their extremely flat design, these fans fit in confined spaces and they are well equipped to deal with the higher back pressure encountered in such situations. ebm-papst also provides the energy-saving NiQ motor for the sustainable conversion of relatively old refrigerated cabinets. It is mechanically compatible with existing shaded-pole motors and makes 1:1 replacement easy thanks to the identical installation dimensions. Does it really have to be ATEX? A further major issue with regard to refrigerated cabinets is the refrigerant used. Directive (EU) 517/2014, also known as the Fluorinated Gas Directive, has been in force since January 1, 2015. Alongside ammonia and CO2, natural refrigerants such as isobutane, propane, and propene are becoming increasingly popular as an ecological alternative to (partially) halogenated refrigerants. When malfunctions occur, however, the non-toxic hydrocarbons can form readily explosive mixtures with air. The motors and complete systems from ebm-papst satisfy the requirements of the European standard EN 60335-2-89 (household appliance standard – Particular requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances) as standard and can safely be used for cooling solutions in this sector. This is fully adequate for the majority of refrigerated display cases, as their cooling circuits work with the 150 g maximum refrigerant quantity required by the standard. In the case of high-capacity refrigeration circuits, it may be useful to split the circuits. If that is not possible, ebm-papst offers fans with an energy-saving motor in accordance with ATEX approval II 3G Ex nA IIA T4 Gc for refrigerant quantities exceeding 150 g. These fans comply with ATEX standard EN 60079 and are therefore also approved for use in large refrigerated display cases as well as composite and cascade systems using more than 150 g of flammable refrigerant.