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So far the 40 x 40 x 28 mm product range has been designed for 12 and 24 V DC voltage inputs. Thanks to the new 48 V version, the fan can also be used for applications operating as standard with 48 V, e.g. base stations in telecommunications systems. Operation possible down to -40°C The minimum operating temperature of -40°C, as opposed to the usual -10°C or ‑20°C, is the absolute exception in the 40 mm fan class. Special software and a special circuit design ensure reliable start-up and operation at such temperatures. A characteristic feature of all versions (12 V, 24 V and 48 V) is their high level of energy efficiency. EMC Class B limit values and IP68 The electronics of the 48 V DC version have been optimized, so that it is now no problem to comply with the more stringent EMC Class B limit values for both conducted interference and radiated interference (DIN EN 55022:2007-04). There is thus no need for separate protection filters and shields. For applications involving greater dust, moisture and salt fog impact, the tubeaxial fans can now even optionally be supplied with degree of protection IP68 (dust-proof and with protection against continuous submersion). Not only the electronics, but also the winding, is then encapsulated in plastic. Ideally equipped The extremely low operating temperature in combination with protection class IP68 considerably facilitates use in outdoor applications such as cellular base stations or frequency converters for satellite transmission. All these features also mean the 420J product range is predestined for use in IT servers and routers, as well as for laser cooling. The 48 V DC fan type 428J/2HPU with EMC Class B and IP68 protection is already available. Further 12 V and 24 V versions with EMC Class B and, optionally, IP 68 will be available in series as of the spring of 2019. Specimen models can be supplied with immediate effect.