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EC technology is also gaining ground in range hoods. After all, this is the only way to satisfy increasingly strict energy efficiency requirements from the European Union. With the RadiFlex, ebm‑papst has developed an economical, high-performance EC blower for a wide range of applications that can be flexibly integrated into a wide range of hood types and enables the highest efficiency requirements to be fulfilled on the general market as well. This is because the RadiFlex offers a lot of power despite its compact design and low energy consumption. 

All the advantages at a glance 

  • Compact design and very lightweight at 1.9 kg
  • Integrated protection against contact
  • Bayonet connectors for easy filter installation
  • Comes with an optional non-return valve and thus convertible from exhaust air to circulating air

  • Suitable for EEI energy class up to A++
  • High suction power of up to 930 m3/h
  • Three-phase motor for low noise
  • Plug & Play PWM interface for infinitely variable speed control

Read all the details
in our brochure

Brochure with technical details about the product

  • Performance data
  • Characteristic field
  • Dimensions

Greater efficiency and flexibility 

The new RadiFlex – Universal use 

There are two basic operating modes for range hoods: in circulated air mode, filtered air is returned to the room, while, in exhaust air mode, the kitchen aromas escape outside.

For both modes, the different types of range hoods are as broad as the different types of kitchen designs. The RadiFlex is designed so that it is suitable for almost all variants and both operating modes. Angled and built-in hoods, chimney and island hoods, and downdraft hoods are possible. 


What matters when it comes to hoods

Range hoods ensure that the kitchen has a pleasant climate. The blower is the key component that makes this possible, and it has several challenges to overcome: it should be quiet, but also have a high suction power, smart closed-loop control and be environmentally friendly. The new RadiFlex succeeds in mastering all of this. Find out how it does this in our brochure. 

Corner of modern kitchen with white walls, wooden floor, large windows, and white island with built in appliances. 3d rendering mock up

Good for the environment

Quiet in operation

Strong suction power

Smart rules

Away with the smells