Making the Future Together:
Join us for the Grand Opening
of our APAC Hub


28th November 2023 · 11:30am - 3:00pm

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The opening ceremony, designed for senior executives, will be held at ebm‑papst SEA's new Customer Experience Centre, which has been fitted out with next-generation air technology. The event will feature insights from industry experts on various topics relating to sustainability and the built environment. Key figures from ebm‑papst, including the Group CEO and the CEO of Air Technology APAC, and newly established ebm‑papst APAC team will be present to share the company's vision for the APAC region.

We cordially invite you to be part of the celebration of this important milestone and make the future together to forge a better climate for people, their applications, and our environment.

Distinguished speakers

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Aymeric De Condé
Strive by STX
Head of APAC

Keynote Speaker

Aymeric is a passionate and experienced environmental commodities market professional with a proven track record of success. He previously worked in New York and was in charge of the North American market, supporting companies in their procurement of environmental commodities. In 2020, he moved to Europe and has been a key driving force in the development of the Climate Action division and the Wholesale Carbon Origination desk at Vertis Environmental Finance, which was acquired by STX Group in 2021.

In this role, he advised many companies from various sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, and supported their decarbonization ambitions through the procurement of environmental commodities. He is currently the Head of APAC for Strive by STX, which is dedicated to supporting corporates in managing their carbon exposure and decarbonization ambitions.

Aymeric holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Markets & Investment from SKEMA Business School (Paris, France) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance from Temple University (Philadelphia, USA).

This topic highlights the vital importance of environmental commodities in driving the decarbonization agenda within the building sector. It emphasizes the significance of carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, and other market-based mechanisms in incentivizing and promoting sustainable practices, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. The discussion also assesses the economic and environmental impacts of using these commodities as powerful agents of change in this dynamic and rapidly expanding market.


Joey Lee
Senior Manager (Certification & Technology)
Singapore Green Building Council

Joey is a senior manager in the certification team at the Singapore Green Building Council which evaluates and certifies green building products under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) scheme.

Prior to joining the Singapore Green Building Council, Joey worked in the building industry with years of experience in ACMV. Focused on selling value/solution to end users/ consultants/ contractors with strong product and system knowledge.

She holds a Degree in Business & Management Studies and Advance Diploma in Real Estate & Property Management.

As an enabler of built environment sustainability, the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) advances green building outcomes through advocacy, outreach and certification. This presentation will draw a bead on the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme, an established industry programme that recognises green building product performance.

A key programme of the Council, the SGBP advances the built environment to one that is greener and more carbon-efficient while facilitating sustainable procurement. With assessment criteria designed to ensure that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process the SGBP is aligned with the World Green Building Council’s vision to make the spaces we live, work and play in healthier, more sustainable, and more resource-efficient.

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Jason Kok
Executive Director
Eco Connection Pte. Ltd.

Jason Kok currently serves as the Executive Director at Eco Connection, where he has been pivotal in melding innovative technological solutions with market realization. His expertise is channeled towards engaging with key industry stakeholders to co-develop, scale, commercialize, and productize technology offerings. Beyond external collaborations, Jason assists asset owners and facilities providers in bolstering in-house technological capabilities through strategic partnering with tech solution providers and professional development initiatives.

In his former role as the Executive Director at SIFMA, Jason exhibited exceptional leadership by synergizing with public agencies, association members, and other industry stakeholders towards a shift in perception from operational to strategic focus. His advocacy for the acceleration of technology adoption in the facilities management domain was underscored by thorough evaluation of sectoral standards, the establishment of a collaborative ecosystem platform, and the strategic repositioning of facilities management for future readiness.

During his tenure in the public sector at A*STAR, Jason administered research programs in key domains like industrial IoT, cyber security, and digital transformation. At the Prime Minister’s Office Communications Group, he pioneered geospatial visualizations and the digital transformation of data collection processes, leading a dedicated team aimed at harnessing technology for superior data-driven communications.

Jason holds a Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering from the National University of Singapore Institute of System Science and a Bachelor of Engineering from Bradford University.

Amid rising climate concerns, Singapore's Facilities Management (FM) sector has emerged as a leader in decarbonisation within urban developments, propelled by the collaborative efforts of public agencies, industry leaders, and associations. This narrative will illuminate the FM sector's transition towards robust sustainability, fueled by innovative technologies. The path to greener, healthier buildings will be delineated through key strategies, highlighting the crucial roles of various stakeholders in navigating this sustainable transformation within Singapore's FM landscape.

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Thomas Schwab
Vice President
Product Management & Strategy, APAC & MEA

Thomas Schwab is a seasoned professional with 11 years of experience in the HVAC industry. As the Vice President of Product Management for APAC & MEA in ebm‑papst, he holds a pivotal role in the APAC management board. His expertise encompasses global project management, product-market strategies, and customer development, with a focus on North America and APAC markets. Having spent years stationed in China, he boasts a deep understanding of regional industry trends, applications, and regulations.

From 2023 onwards, he will be stationed in Singapore. In addition, he is the APAC voting representative for ebm‑papst in the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). Thomas' dedication to sustainable solutions and collaboration drives his passion for efficient HVAC systems.

This topic explores our cutting-edge advancements in air technology and their profound impact on sustainability and digitalization. It delves into the innovative solutions and technologies that are reshaping the air industry, leading the way to a more sustainable and interconnected future. The discussion will shed light on our vision for our next generation of air technology, its ecological benefits, and its integration with digital tools, contributing to improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced control.

Program agenda

Time Event
1100 Arrival & Registration
Cocktail Reception


Opening Speech
Presented by Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer
ebm‑papst Group
Welcome Speech
Presented by Mr. Lee Kun Sub
Managing Director
ebm‑papst SEA
APAC & MEA Vision
APAC & MEA Team Introduction
Presented by Mr. Thomas Nürnberger
ebm‑papst Group

Air Technology APAC & MEA
ebm‑papst Group
Opening Ceremony
Tour of Customer Experience Centre
& Application Lab
Networking Lunch
Keynote Speech: The Role of
Environmental Commodities for
the Decarbonization of the
Building Sector to Reach Net Zero
Presented by Mr. Aymeric de Condé
Head of APAC
Strive by STX
Towards a Greener Built Environment
Presented by Ms. Joey Lee
Senior Manager
Singapore Green Building Council
Tea Break
Sustainable Synergy: The Evolution of
Facilities Management Towards
Sustainable Urban Developments

Presented by Mr. Jason Kok
Executive Director
Eco-Connection Pte. Ltd.
The Next Generation of Air Technology
for Sustainability and Digitalization

Presented by Mr. Thomas Schwab
VP of Product Management & Strategy
ebm‑papst Group
Closing Address
Presented by Mr. Andrej Honstein
Senior VP Sales APAC & MEA
ebm‑papst Group

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