The world is changing.
For the better with ebm-papst. 

It is an ever-changing world. Trends such as connectivity, globalization and New Work are changing the way we live. They demand solutions for needs that we were not aware of yesterday. This applies to a wide range of sectors, industries and, last but not least, to ventilation and drive technology. As a global technology leader in this field, this means that: The requirements on us are higher than ever! 


Challenge? Accepted!

At ebm-papst, we are proactively preparing for the challenges of the future. Together with our customers, suppliers and in cooperation with experts and scientists, we do our best to develop innovative, efficient and therefore sustainable solutions that improve all of our lives all over the world. 

Engineering a better life is our aspiration and the focus of everything we do. It is our drive that enables us to strive for maximum efficiency and sustainability with full innovative strength. 

Are you wondering where you can notice
Engineering a better life specifically? 

Have a look at the following examples:  

ebm-papst not only accompanies you in trains. Our ventilation systems also make your life and those of many others more pleasant in buses, motor homes and the driver's cabs in trains, trucks and construction machinery. At the same time, our drives even open and close the doors noiselessly and safely in various means of transport.

Find out more about our solutions for modern transport technology here.

Pollen, spores, viruses or too little oxygen: Poor air indoors can severely impair health and well-being. With our intelligently interconnected fans in ventilation units, air purifiers, wet room ventilation etc., we are tackling this innovatively and highly efficiently. Find out which GreenIntelligence solutions we use to improve air quality and thus the living and working conditions of people around the world here.

More exciting information about this topic can be found in our mag article „Handle air smarter!“

Electric mobility is booming! For it to prevail, high-performance quick-charge stations with their own energy storage system are needed. The perfect match for this is a clever cooling concept with centrifugal fans from ebm-papst, which effectively cool the battery block when charging.

Both are already available – also here and now for reading.

CO2, fine dust, nitrogen oxides – every day, cars, trucks, and buses emit pollutants into the air that harm people and the environment. City air purifiers are an effective means of tackling this, cleaning up to 60,000 cubic meters of air per hour using our powerful centrifugal fans. In Kiel, this is already improving the population's air quality and thus the quality of life. Find out more in the mag article.

Would you like to know how good the air in your room is? We record, monitor and communicate health-relevant values in buildings using cloud-based tools and metrics. This allows companies to significantly improve productivity, thus enabling a faster return on investment. Sensor-based data can of course also be used for better energy management.

More interesting information on this topic can be found here and in the mag article : „Data brings added value!“ 

The panda pair Pyri and Lumi are doing really well at the Äthäri Zoo in Finland. This is largely due to the innovative heat recovery units in the Panda House, which are operated with ebm-papst EC fans.

Find out more about this in the mag article “Good climate for the pandas”. Our fans also create optimum climatic conditions for plants and animals in many other animal houses, livestock buildings and greenhouses. Find out more here.