IntelliGate by ebm‑papst

Since 2018, the employees of ebm‑papst neo GmbH & Co. KG have been working on the digitalization of our products and cloud applications. 

Starting with the data streams from our fans and motors, ebm‑papst neo has now digitized, optimized, and visualized entire fleets of OEM devices and buildings around the world. 

Our goal is always to create real added value from this data for our customers, whether it is to monitor operating states independently of location, or to carry out comprehensive analyses. Self-controlling automation algorithms in our epCloud can generate the best possible efficiency in real time in the most complex systems. 

Our customers experience a completely new transparency of their operating assets, be it through automated reports, real-time certification of air quality, benchmarking of their assets, or by switching from rigid maintenance schedules to maintenance on demand. These benefits are often the basis for completely new business ideas.

At the heart of it all is communication between a wide variety of sensors and actuators, such as: 

  • fans
  • electric motors
  • ebm‑papst IAQ Monitor
  • fans
  • Plasma generators (air purification)
  • UV lamps
  • Window opening sensors
  • Presence sensors
  • Lighting technology
  • Electric roller shutters
  • RFID Tracker 
  • ....

To create the network between all these devices, the cloud, dashboards and building management systems, our engineers have developed the IntelliGate range.

ebm-papst neo intelligate air and lte

IntelliGate Air 

The Modbus controller of the IoT (Internet of Things) generation, is the central control unit between the Internet and the physical world. Its interfaces to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Modbus in combination with the analogue connections and the integrated sensors make the IntelliGate Air one of the most universal controllers or connectors on the market. 

This makes it more than just a local control device in your system. It mediates information between the real and the digital world. So, your system is ready for location-independent control, automated efficiency algorithms or the use of artificial intelligence to get the absolute best out of your assets. Of course, we also offer proven solutions for this.

Power Supply: 100 - 400 V AC
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: RJ45 100Mbs
Field bus: Modbus
Sensors / Ios:

differential pressure sensor +/-500Pa

2x PT1000

1x 0 - 10V Input

1x 0 - 10V Output

1x Tacho - In

1x Status Relay

IntelliGate LTE 

With the IntelliGate LTE we solve a serious problem in the digitalization of your assets. The common internet-enabled controllers usually require a local network, Ethernet, or WLAN. Establishing a stable internet connection is often more difficult than expected. New devices often must have to be explicitly identified and stored on router or server share lists. Once the connection is established, it is sometimes enough to update the firewall and a new, time-consuming release of the equipment becomes necessary. 

Another problem: What do you do if there is no network available or you want to remotely maintain your asset fleet at your customers' sites worldwide without having to rely on their networks? 

We have developed the IntelliGate LTE with an integrated SIM card. This allows your Modbus devices to connect to the cloud autonomously via LTE, 3G or GSM.

Power Supply: AC 220/110V, DC 24V DC
Mobile: LTE, 3G, GSM
LAN: RJ45 100Mbs
Field bus: Modbus (isolated)
Temperature: -20 to 60°C
Conformity: CE
ebm-papst neo intelligate air and lte