High-ranking visitors at ebm‑papst at the start of the Hannover Messe: They were also in the spotlight during the German Chancellor's visit to the ebm‑papst stand at the Hannover Messe: the trainees of the world market leader for fans and drive technology. The ebm‑papst student Melanie Bildhoff welcomed Chancellor Olaf Scholz on behalf of the project team of 17 trainees, which is responsible for the entire trade fair appearance of the company from Hohenlohe, Germany.

The politician of the SDP party had accepted the invitation of the junior staff. With the motto "We make the difference", the "future heroes" want to show that vocational training is more than "fetching coffee and sorting paper clips". Rather, it is about taking on responsibility.

In view of the shortage of young talents and skilled workers, Olaf Scholz welcomed the initiative of the trainees at ebm‑papst. "Those who choose vocational training are doing exactly the right thing," the chancellor emphasized. This applies to both Germany and Indonesia, he added, referring to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who accompanied him. Scholz described himself as a "big fan" of dual vocational training and was impressed that trainees can take on such an important project right at the start of their careers at ebm‑papst.

CEO Klaus Geißdörfer, who deliberately stayed in the background, affirmed that ebm‑papst can be "very proud of what the young people are achieving." For him, the project is "a complete success." He added that the company had deliberately taken on a pioneering role. "We want to show that young people can already take on responsibility during their vocational training and inspire the entire workforce with their ideas," he added.

Together with Melanie Bildhoff, Geißdörfer presented a pioneering new development from ebm‑papst in ventilation and heating technology to the prominent visitors. The high-speed turbo compressor rotates at 300,000 rotations per minute and ensures "extremely efficient and sustainable" use in refrigeration technology. Scholz praised the forward-looking innovation, which can save energy in the double-digit range, as "very good".

For the trainees, greeting the Chancellor in person and presenting their project was a special highlight.

"It's great that we were able to take responsibility for and implement our entire project on our own over the past few months, right up to the welcome of the Chancellor at the stand," said Maximilian Chrzan, who, together with Melanie Bildhoff and Kim Ziegler, formed the core team of trainees.

Winfried Kretschmann, the next prominent politician, followed in the afternoon. The Minister President of Baden-Württemberg took almost an hour to talk to the trainees and the management. He was impressed by the company's innovative strength, both in terms of promoting young talent and forward-looking technical developments.

"Here, investments are being made in the future, in young people and in sustainable, innovative technologies of the future that will move our state forward and make a major contribution to climate protection," Kretschmann emphasized on Monday during his visit to the ebm‑papst stand at the Hannover Messe. "The state government particularly welcomes this great commitment," the politician of the party “Die Grünen” added.

The lead trainees in the 17-member team are Melanie Bildhoff (22) and Kim Ziegler (20), who are attending a dual study program, and Maximilian Chrzan (19), who is trained to become an industrial clerk.

The organization activities ranged from hotel bookings and product selection to letters to customers and behavioral training. The young people even invited federal and state politicians on their own initiative – with success. In addition to Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck and Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut from Baden-Württemberg will also visit the trainees' stand.

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Olaf Scholz and Joko Widodo with ebm-papst trainees and CEO of ebm-papst Group Klaus Geißdörfer.