Forward-looking and full of optimism, ebm-papst is getting ready for post-Corona times. At their headquarters in Mulfingen, the leader in fan and motor technology is investing almost € 20 million in three new buildings. As always with ebm-papst, local companies will be responsible for the construction work and high eco-standards will be observed.

For the development of their electronics, which are a key component of their intelligent fan solutions, ebm-papst adds a top floor to an existing production facility, thus creating an additional 5,000 m² for their R&D department in the next 24 months.
In the new building, special attention is paid to creating modern and future-oriented workplaces to meet the challenges of new working styles, such as agile working in flexible project teams. At the same time, the existing communal rooms on the ground floor will be renovated and expanded.

Another two buildings are planned on the ebm-papst premises in Mulfingen-Hollenbach. On 3,800 m², the equipment manufacturing department is to get their own new building. This is to facilitate the manufacture of new machines and tools to support the production of the latest fan innovations. To make sure these products meet the high ebm-papst quality standards, there will also be a new fan testing hall covering 2,600 m². Construction for both buildings is expected to  
last around 15 months.   

Stefan Brandl, CEO of ebm-papst: “We are getting ready for the time after Corona. With these new buildings, we will be in an even better position to satisfy the growing global demand for our intelligent fans.”  
Thomas Wagner, designated CEO: “This investment is a sign for a new beginning and future growth. Investing like this, we want to further boost our leadership position on the global market.” 

Only recently, in January 2021, ebm-papst saw the completion of their new EMC lab in Mulfingen, designed to further boost their R&D competence in terms of electro-magnetic compatibility. In this lab which covers 5,000 m², more than 50 R&D specialists analyze and test samples which can be up to 60 m² in size and weigh up to 3.5 tons, all of which in support of the growing use of electronics in the products of the fan expert.
Their new lab cost ebm-papst about € 12 million, took 14 months to complete and was built by construction companies from the region.