Compact size combined with simultaneous performance, demands with regard to convenience, efficiency and environmental performance place high demands on fans for use in vehicles - whether with combustion engines, fuel cells or electric drive technology. Added to this are railway-specific requirements and compliance with standards such as functionality in the event of shocks and vibrations, noise reduction, EMC compatibility and IP protection.

Wide range of applications

As the size of installed power electronics is increasing, the demand for effective but compact cooling is also increasing. That's why compact fans from ebm-papst are used in a wide variety of applications: To cool converters, control cabinets or electronics, for ventilation and exhaust in toilets and for high-performance brake cooling. Trucks, train and construction machinery drivers also benefit from being able to perfectly control the air conditioning in their cabs, making their everyday working lives easier.

Special fans meet special requirements

The proximity to people means that the fans used need not only be powerful and compact, but also quiet in operation. The axial compact fans from ebm-papst are ideally suited to these requirements in the respective application-specific environment. They are available in sizes from 25-225 mm and deliver air performance levels of up to 1,000 m³/h - free air.

Fire protection and EMC compatibility for railway applications

Standards for additional safety apply particularly in railway engineering. For example, EN 44545 fire protection in railway vehicles and EN 50121-3-2 place special requirements on the electromagnetic compatibility of the installed components. The compact fans from ebm-papst are also designed according to "EN 50533: 2011 features of the three-phase vehicle electrical system architecture, class 1."