Drives for special requirements Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems transport a wide range of goods with varying weights. For their tasks, the wheel motors and drive systems for lifting equipment or load-securing devices must fulfill special requirements. The drives in the ECI series from ebm-papst are specially designed for use in AGV systems. Low weight for efficient work In the most powerful variant of sizes ECI-63 and ECI-80, the active components (wound stator and rotor equipped with magnets) are just 60 mm long, so they can easily be used in the tight installation spaces of AGVs. Their compact design delivers additional benefits: The drives’ low weight enables the AGVs to work extremely efficiently since they can manage longer routes and time without stopping to charge the energy storage unit they are carrying. Fewer charging cycles conserves rechargeable batteries, increasing their service life. Free selection of motors, transmissions and brakes Thanks to their modular construction, the motors can be flexibly combined with the control electronics, transmissions, encoders and brakes desired. Alongside planetary and spur gears, space-saving crown gearheads are also available. When it comes to control electronics, customers can choose among many application-appropriate options: from electronics with Hall sensors for rotor position detection to positioning-capable, fully integrated control electronics with a bus interface. With diameters of 42, 63 or 80 mm the compact, electronically commutated, brushless internal rotor motors cover the power range of 50 to 750 W. Fast availability for preferred types The drives fulfill the requirements for degree of protection IP54 and are available with industrial connectors whose centrifugal angled plugs with bayonet connectors can be rotated and engage automatically. Preferred types are ready for shipment within just 48 hours, so users can quickly start their development work.