Durable fans
For machinery and systems

ebm-papst in machinery and systems

The wide and innovative range of axial and centrifugal fans with AC and GreenTech EC technology, which ebm-papst has designed especially for the machinery and systems sector, meets customer-specific requirements in every respect.

Fans need to have an impressively compact design and be highly durable, especially in this area of application. Our products provide the best foundation for this. However, it is just as important that the system is durable and robust, guaranteeing a flawless process. Every single day. These features are a given with our fans, which is why they have become a firm feature in many leading customers’ systems.


Centrifugal and axial fans in machinery and systems

Did you know that industrial machines and systems have to be cooled continuously to ensure that they can work reliably? This is carried out by powerful, robust and durable fans from ebm-papst that are used in control cabinets and in robot and extraction systems. Our controllable EC technology provides a particularly valuable advantage: It allows operators to ensure a consistent air performance and, therefore, ideal operating temperatures for their systems. What’s more, our drives work reliably in conveyor belt systems, keeping production on track.


The most important features of industrial machines and systems are their performance, robustness and reliability. Manufacturing can only be economical when everything is working. But a lot of work also produces a great deal of waste heat. And that is where fans from ebm-papst come into play.

Whether they are used in switch cabinets, solar inverters, transformers or exhaust air systems: All our solutions are extremely robust, durable and easy to control thanks to GreenTech EC technology. This is particularly important, as it is the only way of ensuring constant air performance in all conditions and, therefore, an optimum system operating temperature.

cnc machine tool

Nowadays, no company can afford for its motors to fail. ebm-papst fans ensure that regulated motors in machine and processing systems have an optimum cooling capacity to ensure smooth operation.

Thanks to their compact design and short length, ebm-papst axial fans, which are mainly designed with AC technology, can be easily integrated into any customer-specific application. Large voltage ranges are not unusual in these applications: our fans are perfectly designed to deal with them.

ebm-papst supports its customers as a skilled development partner so that all customer requirements can be kept in mind right from the outset.


The productivity levels and service life of an entire system are impacted if a control cabinet overheats, preventing it from fully performing its role as the "brain" of a production line or paint shop, for example. Highly efficient cooling modules form a reliable climate management system, ensuring safe operation.

Durable blowers and control cabinet fans with maintenance-free and highly efficient GreenTech EC motors are used in a wide range of designs and performance classes to dissipate power losses away from the power electronics. The systems have variable installation options, boast high cooling capacities in the smallest of spaces and can be interactively integrated into the device logic, making them a reliable part of modern control cabinet technology.

As a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of control cabinet cooling solutions, ebm-papst products have been used in numerous applications for years. So you can rely on getting the power you need

Drive Solutions

Drive Solutions

The most important components of a drive solution are motor, control electronics and gearbox. We offer unique system solutions for drive technology.



Powerful, compact, quiet:

the RVE45 DC centrifugal fan now also for the high demands of industry.

Efficient cooling for demanding electromobility.

When electricity is processed, stored and used, heat is generated that has to be dissipated. ebm‑papst’s range of fans offers compact solutions for this with complete power density – and in a way that ensures powerful protection against environmental influences together with unbeatable quietness.