Commercial dryers

The right solution for clean and dry laundry

Efficiency: home and dry

When it comes to industrial washing machines, washing mangles, and dryers, energy costs are a serious expense. ebm-papst provides pumps and energy-efficient fans for use in these appliances in demanding environmental conditions and high air flows.


The advantages of pumps and fans from ebm-papst in commercial gas-operated dryers:

  • Resistant to aggressive media
  • Humidity protection in line with the conditions of use
  • High thermal resistance
  • High air flow
  • Energy efficient and reliable
DC compact axial fan 2200 FTD product image

Compact fans

Small but powerful.

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process air blowers

Process air blowers

Dependable dish dryers.

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Tangential blowers

Flat, quiet, efficient.

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AC motors

They just keep on running…

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EC motors

Supreme driving force.

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Say goodbye to liquid.

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