Heat exchangers and condensers

In a condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.

Cooling by air

In air-cooled condensers, the heat from the gaseous refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air. Axial fans are usually used to direct air at the fins of the heat exchanger in the condenser, dissipating the heat. In this process, the refrigerant is cooled down to such an extent in the condenser that it condenses. Alongside high air performance, the focus in such applications is on low energy consumption.


The advantages of fans from ebm-papst in heat exchangers and condensers:

  • Robust design for outdoor use
  • Far greater efficiency and power density in the same installation space
  • Unprecedented, uncompromising planning flexibility
  • Infinitely variable control characteristics permit simple adaptation to the output actually required
AxiBlade fan in housing, slight lateral view, with reflection


The new, revolutionary fan concept gets top marks for its efficiency and noise levels.

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Axialfan diffuser

Axial fans with integrated diffuser

Speed adjustment allows great flexibility, ensuring that your heat pump operates efficiently without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.

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HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview


ebm-papst is adding new strength to large axial fans with HyBlade®, a hybrid structure for fan blades that is innovative and currently one-of-a-kind!

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