Our corporate development milestones

Milestones define
a company's history and mark its progress

In the past, these milestones have often laid the foundation for our extensive product range and a wide variety of applications.

Southeast Asia Milestones

ebm-papst SEA 25th anniversary

ebm‑papst SEA Pte. Ltd. celebrated its silver jubilee amidst challenging times.

ebm‑papst SEA Pte. Ltd.’s sales figures hit a record figure of S$63 million for the financial year of 2019/2020.

ebm-papst SEA Changi Office

The Singapore office continues to expand. The office shifted from Geo-Tele Building at 9 Tai Seng Drive (45,000sqft) to 10 Changi South Street 2 (56,000sqft).

ebm-papst SEA Tai Seng

As more space was required for business operations, the Singapore Office moved from Olympia Industrial Building at Ubi area (32,000sqft) to Geo-Tele Building at 9 Tai Seng Drive (45,000sqft).

ebm‑papst SEA Pte Ltd celebrated its 20th anniversary.



The Malaysia Branch Office was registered following the closure of the Malaysia Representative Office.

The Philippines Representative office was established, located in Muntinlupa City.

ebm-papst SEA TaiSeng office entrance

ebm‑papst SEA Pte. Ltd.’s sales figures hit a record figure of S$62 million for the financial year of 2010/2011.

ebm-papst SEA VIetnam

The Vietnam Representative Office was established in Ho Chi Minh City.

ebm-papst SEA 10th Anniversary

ebm‑papst SEA Pte Ltd celebrated its 10th anniversary on this year.

Sales operations in Malaysia’s expanded as an office was set up in Penang.

ebm‑papst (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  was established following the closure of the Thailand Representative office. 

The company adopted the moniker ebm‑papst SEA Pte. Ltd.

ebm-papst SEA Olympia

In order to expand operations, the Singapore office shifted from Kallang Pudding (2,000sqft) to Olympia Industrial Building at Ubi area (32,000sqft). 


The Thailand Representative Office was set up at Bangkok.

Within another few years, the Malaysia Representative Office was set up. The office was located in Kuala Lumpur. 

One year later, the Indonesia Representative Office was set up in Jakarta.

ebm-papst SEA Kallang

ebm‑papst SEA was registered in Singapore under the name ebm Industries SEA Pte. Ltd. The office was located at one of the units in Kallang Pudding (2,000sqft). 

Global Milestones

ebm-papst-neo-GmbH - Data-driven-buildings

Focus on digitalization and generation of added value data.


The systematic further development of GreenTech.


The 27,000 square meter site in Xi’an, China will be completed in the summer.


ebm‑papst's modular system for drives with a diameter of 42 mm (ECI-42) will enable users to create customized solutions by combining different modules. The drives are ideal for practically all applications from automation and packaging systems to laboratory and medical equipment. 

St. Georgen

ebm‑papst exceeds the revenue threshold of EUR 2 billion for the first time. This fiscal year sees ebm‑papst grow by EUR 143 million.


With the new RadiMix blower platform, ebm‑papst offered modulation ranges from 1:10 to 1:15. Together with the standardized motor design, this means fewer stocks and less qualification work for boiler manufacturers.  

ebm-papst opens the new distribution center in Hollenbach

In May, ebm‑papst opens the new distribution center in Hollenbach. The company invests more than EUR 40 million in the center. At the time, it was the largest investment in the company's history. It took around 15 months to complete the major construction project.
In December 2018, it earns the highest certification standard (Platinum) from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). 


ebm‑papst introduced a ready-to-install centrifugal fan with scroll housing for use in residential ventilation units. RadiCal, a backward-curved centrifugal fan, achieves significantly higher efficiency in comparison to forward-curved centrifugal blowers.  


ebm‑papst develops a revolutionary concept for axial fans. AxiBlade axial fans are used in evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications.


In fiscal year 2015/16, ebm‑papst invests a record EUR 137 million in expanding its capacity.


The new generation of RadiPac centrifugal fans for air handling units was presented in the ebm‑papst trade show booth at ISH in Frankfurt. Revising the flow machine improved its efficiency by over eight percent.


ebm‑papst enters into a partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team.

FlowGrid stands for efficient noise protection features in cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. ebm‑papst offers a future-oriented solution for the problem of high-performance technology generating disturbing noise: FlowGrid for axial and centrifugal fans.


ebm‑papst celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company began in Mulfingen with 35 employees. Today, it is regarded as the world market leader and trend setter for fans and motors by a large margin.
In November of this year, ebm‑papst is awarded the German Sustainability Award as Germany’s most sustainable company.
The ebm‑papst Group acquires the transmission specialist company Zeitlauf.


As part of the "Everyday is a GreenDay" campaign, ebm‑papst sites around the world demonstrate that they believe in GreenTech: Sustainable activities take place at a different location every week.


A new, passive component, the AxiTop diffuser, provides a significant improvement in noise and efficiency and sets new benchmarks. 


ebm‑papst presents fans made of renewable materials for the first time. The world market leader for energy-efficient fans sets a new milestone in environmental protection and resource conservation.


With RadiCal®, ebm‑papst has now defined a new standard in the field of EC centrifugal fans. Intelligently selected material combinations increase the stability of the aerodynamically optimized impellers. 

GreenTech - Our symbol for environmental protection. GreenTech is our corporate philosophy regarding efficient use of recources and sustainability. The materials and processes we use are already optimised in the conceptual stage and with an eye to eco-friendless, energy balance and recyclability. In our production processes, GreenTech also stands for maximum energy efficiency.

More than 10,000 ebm‑papst associates for the first time.


ebm‑papst exceeds the EUR 1 billion revenue threshold.
Gerhard Sturm becomes Chairman of the Advisory Board.


ebm‑papst commits to going "green" – it starts constructing a factory for energy-saving fans in Mulfingen-Hollenbach that has self-sufficient energy usage.


The three companies are renamed ebm‑papst Mulfingen, ebm‑papst St. Georgen and ebm‑papst Landshut.


The first energy-saving centrifugal and axial fans with integrated electronics are developed.


The Landshut site is acquired from ALCATEL. The company is renamed Motoren Ventilatoren Landshut GmbH (mvl).


PAPST Motoren GmbH is acquired in St. Georgen, Black Forest.


The first tubeaxial fan in EC/DC technology is developed. At the time, they are referred to as “brushless DC motors”.


Elektrobau Mulfingen (ebm) is founded by Gerhard Sturm and Heinz Ziehl.