Collaboration with ESCO to fight against COVID-19


Fig 1: ESCO‘s products in laboratory

The fast-evolving global outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) upended our lives with widespread ramifications across the world. During this difficult time, our customer – ESCO MICRO Pte Ltd, a manufacturer of Life science, Medical and Pharmaceutical equipment, actively supporting global efforts to tackle the virus. ebm‑papst collaborated with ESCO to swiftly deliver ebm‑papst fans that were used to develop biosafety cabinets.

ESCO is a global company with more than 1,250 employees spread across 43 locations in 25 direct sales and service offices. In addition, the organization has 6 factories in operation across the continents. Despite many borders restricting entry, ESCO's global network of service engineers were still able to provide nsf49 commissioning and local service support where they have a local presence.

Continuing its commitment of providing the highest level of protection, ESCO supplied the United Nations (UN) with all of its Class II, Class III Biosafety Cabinets and PCR cabinets for the Emergency Response against COVID-19. These Biosafety Cabinets, as a part of equipment for early diagnosis for COVID-19, have been distributed to an increasing number of countries in the world for COVID-19 diagnosis. 

To help ensure the smooth supply of the biohazard safety cabinets, we joined forces with ESCO. In order to fulfil the urgent demand of the ebm‑papst fans as the indispensable part of the biohazard safety cabinets, we supported ESCO with all of our existing stocks at the time, alongside activating the team support from our counterparts in the rest of the APAC region. Our APAC team promptly helped allocate the required resources to support this collaboration, understanding our products are the crucial components to help with the preparedness of the global pandemic. 

ESCO products

Fig. 2:  ESCO‘s products in Wuhan "Eye of Fire" laboratory core area


Fig. 3: ebm‑papst production site in China