The new generation of compact fans

The new generation of compact fans

Our new compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. That's why we called them S-Panther. The combination of high-efficiency GreenTech DC motors and a new aeroacoustic design significantly increased the efficiency levels and reduced the noise levels by up to 9 dB(A). Ideal for variable frequency drives, welding machines, solar inverters, and IT and telecommunications applications

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The second in a new generation of compact fans
S-Panther - 6300N

DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N front

More and more compact devices and machines require special fans for dissipating waste heat from densely packed applications, which is why we have developed a new generation of high-performance fans ideally equipped to fulfill this task. The 6300 N is now the second S-Panther fan series, following on from 3250 J.

With dimensions of 172 x 51 mm, the 6300 N (S-Panther) fan offers vastly improved performance at a number of operating points thanks to a new impeller with innovative winglets, a turbulator and a new strut design. It also runs much more quietly than its predecessor the 6300 (S-Force). This new product range can be divided into two categories. The first category includes high-end solutions with high speeds and high air flow. The second category offers versions with an optimized price, suitable for applications where lower speeds are sufficient. The second category will be launched at a later date, which is why details about the models in this group will be announced separately. The 6300 N (S-Panther) replaces the 6200 N in the product portfolio and is an addition to the existing product range.

All the advantages at a glance

More and more compact devices and machines require special fans for dissipating waste heat from densely packed applications.

DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N front
  • For example, at certain operating points, the 6318 N/2 TDH3P (S-Panther) is up to 9% more efficient than its comparable predecessor 6318 TDH4 (S-Force) thanks to a number of optimizations.

DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N front
  • We have also set new noise-related standards for this fan, which is mainly down to aeroacoustic optimizations. The optimized air duct design, generated by the winglet and strut design mentioned earlier, also reduces the speed with constant air performance.

DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N front
  • Aeroacoustic and psychoacoustic optimizations
    • Profiled housing supports
    • New impeller with innovative winglets, turbulator and integrated cooling for high power density
  • Highly efficient and powerful motor

DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N front
  • Speed control via:
    • Analog speed control input
    • PWM speed control input
    • Integrated or external temperature measuring sensor
  • Tach signal or alarm signal

Performance range
of the 6300N compact fan series

With free air, the air flow of the high-end solution is between 970 m³/h and 1030 m³/h. With the low-cost solution, the air flow is between 540 m³/h and 760 m³/h. Thanks to its high air volume and low noise level, the 6300 N (S-Panther) can be used both in high-performance and noise-sensitive applications.

(1) 6314N/2TDHHP
(2) 6318N/2TDH3P


of the 6300N compact fan series

The 6300 N (S-Panther) can be used in a wide range of applications and markets:

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The first compact fan
from the S-Force generation: 3250J


With the 3250J, the new S-Panther generation now also features a powerful compact fan in size 92 mm × 92 mm × 38 mm. This fan is ideally suited to dissipating large heat flows in the most confined spaces.

Compared to the 3200J from the S-Force generation, the new 3250J (S-Panther) is much quieter and achieves almost identical air performance despite its lower speed. When it comes to efficiency, it is superior to the 3200J series.
Further advantages of the new fan series include new operating ranges and a leaner product line, as certain 3200 J series fans are no longer required.

There are currently three different product variants with a nominal voltage of 48 V.
The 24 V versions are already available on request., with the 12 V versions to follow shortly.


The GreenTech philosophy also played a crucial role in developing the new 3250J (S-Panther) and is more beneficial to the customer in the following ways:

  • Improved noise characteristics compared to the S-Force 3200J
  • Efficiency increase compared to 3200J
  • Higher air performance at the same speed (towards free air range)
  • Lower cost thanks to adapted fan design
    • Optimized shaft-hub connection
    • Optimized power electronics
    • Optimized plastic bearing tube
  • Longer service life
  • Air flow-oriented curve
  • Lower power consumption
    • Max. 35 W power consumption
    • Less than the 3200 J with comparable air performance


The air flow (free air) of the 3258JH3P fan is 270 m³/h, making it the most powerful model in the new fan series. The 3258JHHP generates an air flow (free air) of 235 m³/h.
In contrast to the 3200J (S-Force), the fan operates optimally in a slightly higher air flow range and is suitable for lower back pressure. This opens up new areas of application that demand a lower noise level.

(1) 3258JHP
(2) 3258JHHP
(3) 3258JH3P (S-Panther)


In order to improve aerodynamic performance, we have got rid of the balance pockets used previously. Instead, milling in the magnet enables the rotor to be balanced.
Other technological developments include:

  • Robust housing made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  • New high-performance motor
  • Impeller noise reduction thanks to
    • new aeroacoustic design
    • Turbulator
  • Improved environmental performance
    • Lower power consumption
    • Efficiency increase compared to 3200J


For example, at certain operating points, the 3258JH3P (S-Panther)’s is up to 3% more efficient than its comparable predecessor, 3218JH4P (S-Force) thanks to a number of optimizations.


One of the strengths of the 3250J (S-Panther) is its improved noise characteristics. This is primarily due to the new aeroacoustic design of the impeller and the turbulator. This significantly reduces the speed with almost the same air flow. Therefore, the 3250J (S-Panther) is up to 4 dB(A) quieter.


  • Material
    • Housing: GFK* (PBT)
    • Fan impeller: GFK** (PA)
  • Airflow direction blowing over struts
  • Direction of rotation clockwise, viewed toward rotor
  • Connection via leads AWG 22, TR 64
  • Mass 240 g
  • Possible custom designs
    • Tach signal
    • Go / No-go alarm
    • External temperature sensor
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • PWM*** control input
    • Analog control input
    • Moisture protection
    • Salt spray protection U43
    • Protection class IP 54

* Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
** Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
*** Pulse-width modulation


Approvals according to VDE, CSA, UL & CCC are available.

  • IT telecommunications (switch cabinets, IT servers, IT power units)
  • Automation
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Solar inverter
  • Refrigeration technology (refrigerated display cases)
  • Medical technology