Extractor hood fan/blower
Say goodbye to grease and steam

Clean air when cooking

Fans are at the core of every extractor hood. In conjunction with the filter, they ensure a pleasant atmosphere in every kitchen. They reliably remove odors, grease and steam, ensuring the air is clean while you cook.

All the advantages at a glance

  • High suction
  • Ideal for continuous operation
  • Reliably ensures that the ambient air is clean, without grease odors or steam
  • Available for all sizes and types of hood
  • Available with AC and EC technology

Read all the details

Brochure with technical details on the product: 
  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 

Areas of application
Extractor fan/extractor blower

Range hood fans are used in wall, island and integrated hoods which are equipped with a fan module. However, they are also suitable for other types of hood such as built-in telescopic hoods, ceiling-mounted hoods, or worktop or downdraft systems. ebm-papst provides a wide range of adapted fans for all installation situations

“Extract maximum benefits with Eco”


The new generation of Miele extractor hoods relies on energy-efficient technology