Smart EC box fan

Energy-efficient and smart

The RadiCube comprises of ebm‑papst’s signature EC centrifugal fans and a cube-like casing made of
extruded aluminium. It is capable of discharge in all directions. This box fan is designed to be an
integrated solution powered by energy-saving EC motors. To further optimise the use of the RadiCube,
IoT sensors can be installed as well. These devices offer an impressive list of benefits, including (but not
limited to) energy efficiency and convenience.

Areas of application

Exhaust fans are used in a wide variety of locations. In general, they are used to draw out unwanted air from within the building. The air will be dispersed outdoors. There are many ways to construct an exhaust fan and how it is done often depends on the needs of the end-user. With its cube form, the RadiCube fan can be swiftly slotted into the existing ducting system.

In contrast to exhaust fans, supply fans are used to move air into a specified space. Our RadiCube fans are designed to suit this purpose as well.

Our RadiCube fans, with its integrated outer casing, serve as an all-in-one package deal for small AHUs. It is ideal for situations that require a single fan.


Variations of RadiCube

radical centrifugal fan


Flow Rates: Up to 19,500 m³/h
Sizes: 280 – 630 mm
Impellers: Backward curved composite impellers
Speed Control: 0-10V

RadiCube Pro

Flow Rates: Up to 21,000 m³/h
Sizes: 310 – 560 mm
Impellers: Aluminium backward curved air-foil impellers
Speed Control: 0-10V or 4-20mA

The RadiCube and RadiCube Pro are available in various sizes and air performances.

IoT sensors for further functionality

indoor air quality sensor

Indoor air quality sensor: IAQ sensors can actively monitor IAQ indicators, which include CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, PM10. The RadiCube can be configured to respond in certain ways (e.g. increase in fan speed for improved ventilation) when pre-determined IAQ standards are not being met (e.g. CO2 levels are too high).

constant air volume sensor

Constant air volume sensor: This sensor maintains constant airflow within a specified space. This remains true even in situations such as clogged up filters. In applications where positive/negative air pressure needs to be maintained in an enclosed space, this sensor can be deployed to serve this purpose.

occupancy sensor

Occupancy sensors: Such sensors can actively monitor the occupancy status of a specified area. The RadiCube can be configured to activate when human activity is registered. Similarly, it can be configured to deactivate when the space is vacated. This will lead to more energy savings
and therefore, a reduction in operation costs.



Equipping the RadiCube (Pro) with the FlowGrid further reduces noise emissions by dampening the noise produced by the blades. Fan efficiency will be retained.


The potentiometer can be operated with DC/EC fans with 0-10V control input. When supplied with a 10V source, the potentiometer allows infinitely variable fan speed control. A single controller has the potential to control multiple fans. This is subjected to the supplied current rating.  

Floor mount

The floor rubber mount isolates the transfer of vibration to the adjoining system or building structure. This is suited for floor-mounted RadiCubes.

Spring isolator

The spring isolator isolates the transfer of vibration to the adjoining system or building structure. It is suited for hanging applications.

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