Advertise digitally,
ventilate and cool effectively.

Robust, energy-saving tubeaxial fans
for digital signage.

Ongoing digitalization is changing the information and advertising landscape outside the home. Digital signage is everywhere today. It’s wherever you go and wherever you look: at the bus stop, in shopping malls, at airports, in train stations and even in schools and restaurants.

Axial and radial fans from ebm-papst provide a remedy by ensuring that the heat loads and moisture are removed effectively. Fans that are installed to the outside of the housing in particular have to withstand harsh environmental factors such as spray water, salt spray and exhaust gases. That’s not a problem for ebm-papst fans. Furthermore, they are extremely energy-efficient and quiet: everything that digital billboard manufacturers and operators expect.

Your advantages at a glance

High performance and compact in every size.

Not all fans are the same, and not all displays are the same. Which fan solution is best suited to your application depends on many factors, such as how the heat develops, the environment it will be used in, what its usage profile is and, most importantly, where exactly it is going to be installed. As an engineering partner in demand around the world, we would be happy to develop a customized solution for your application.

axial compactfans
  • Reliable cooling for electronic components

  • Equal laminar air flow
  • Prevents the screen fogging up
  • Different versions and sizes

axial compactfans
  • Robust fans that have already been installed in many displays

  • Cools modern modems reliably
  • Tried-and-tested, durable fan technology

axial compactfans
  • Robust design
  • Up to IP68 possible
  • Salt fog resistant
  • Optional feature: Warning signal when the filter is blocked


Why do our customers look so happy? Because when it comes to the Internet of Things and the digital transformation, we provide them with a clear competitive edge with GreenIntelligence for intelligent control and interconnection of fans, drives and systems to make applications more powerful, processes more efficient, businesses more successful and their customers more satisfied or industrial ventilation technology, solutions are in demand that ensure top performance and operational reliability in every situation.

Compact cooling solutions mainly call for low-noise solutions that cut costs and are simple to install. GreenIntelligence provides you with high-efficiency fan solutions featuring intelligent networking capabilities, including numerous control and monitoring functions and easy-to-use digital tools.


So much GreenIntelligence is invested in our compact fans: 

  • Expanded functionality for auto-addressing, allowing easier installation
  • Simple condition monitoring with intuitive operation
  • Full control over all settings and activities
  • All necessary hardware and software components from a single supplier

» So small and yet the biggest «

Whether axial, radial or diagonal – they are in any case trend-setting! ebm-papst offers a wide range of fans for every type, either in AC, DC or GreenTech EC versions, for all voltages and in all standard sizes. With already installed electronics, they also offer numerous additional functions and can be intelligently networked with the respective device logic.