gas blowers

Gas blowers

Best combustion guaranteed

Compact design, low air flow rates and particularly high back pressures. ebm-papst centrifugal blowers meet all the requirements for heating technology. ebm-papst now offers the world's most extensive product range. Whether just a few kilowatts for use in private households, or several megawatts to supply entire residential areas: we have the right solution.

Obtaining exactly the right gas/air mixing ratio is the crucial factor for an optimum combustion process and low NOx emission levels with condensing units. The centrifugal blowers featuring GreenTech EC technology are ideal for this, as they combine very good control characteristics with smooth operation and very high efficiency.

A key to energy saving is modulation – infinitely variable regulation between the lowest possible and maximum heat output. Thanks to their modulating operation, the condensing units make particularly economic use of the fuel; the blowers are equipped with an interface for speed output and control for this purpose. To achieve a modulation level of 1:10, it is not sufficient to just regulate the speed.

Other components such as the gas valve, venturi and boiler control unit need to be perfectly coordinated with one another in combination. We rose to the challenge presented by this requirement.

That is why our centrifugal blowers with gas valve, venturi and boiler control unit are available as a complete system for pneumatic and electronic combustion control. We supply our systems as completely tested, harmonized units with optimized interfaces – we minimize your effort.

But whatever the concrete situation demands: The end product will not just be a specific system, but rather a future-proof solution offering a systematic increase in efficiency.

Gas blowers

All your advantages at a glance:

  • Large selection of products and system expertise – for gas appliances with extremely low output right through to high-power heating system boilers
  • Ideal for higher pressures in condensing technology applications
  • High power density thanks to compact design
  • Smooth operation with low noise
  • Industry 4.0-capable GreenTech EC motors with PWM and bus control input and tach output
  • System data readout via LIN bus connectivity
  • Easy integration of digital heating functions
  • Well established technology guarantees a long service life
  • Unrivaled power and modulation spectrum
  • Perfectly adjusted and network-capable integrated solution from a single source

H2 ready!

Green hydrogen could become the clean energy source for the heating technology sector, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection. For households to be able to use this clean gas, they first need the right framework conditions. There are already many initiatives in Europe aimed at replacing natural gas as an energy source, including in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

H2-ready! Wir bieten zahlreiche Lösungen zum Einsatz von Wasserstoff in der Heiztechnik.

In addition to this, the right technologies must be in place.

We are ready for this new heating energy and offer numerous solutions for the use of hydrogen in heating technology.

We also invest in H2-ready technologies. Like our new gas laboratory, for example. And we are working on a system that can work with 100 percent hydrogen.

Many of our products are tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for 20 percent hydrogen.

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Flexible and compact

RadiMix gas blowers are perfect for heating modern buildings. Frank Schlopakowski, Head of Design Department R&D at ebm-papst, explains why.