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Job Title:  Buyer
Department:  Materials Management
Location: Farmington, Connecticut

This position is responsible for coordinating all activities related to the procurement of material starting with the purchase following through to delivery.

Essential Functions of the Job:
The essential functions of this job require the person, with or without reasonable accomodations, to perform the following:

  • Prepare Purchase Orders
  • Help identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Working knowledge of JIT, VMI and Kanban programs
  • Implement purchase contracts that comply with Company and government regulations.
  • Assure that the commodity is delivered on schedule, at the negotiated price and meets the quality standards of the company.
  • Maintain timely control of orders, amendments, shipping notices and other documents to assure accurate retention of records.
  • Follow up on late purchase orders weekly as necessary.
  • Monitor unacknowledged purchase orders.
  • Process purchasing and receiving paperwork as necessary.
  • Travel as required
  • Help foster relationships with suppliers and new possible suppliers
  • Demonstrated knowledge of total cost of ownership
  • Update cost and quote files for assigned purchased goods.
  • Discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services with inspection or quality control personnel to determine source of issue and take corrective action.
  • Use the following software programs while performing the job:  MAC-PAC, Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.  

Recommended Education and/or Experience:

Associates Degree in a related field; or minimum two years related experience; or combination of education and related experience.  

All Employees are Expected To:

  • Follow the Employee Handbook policies and procedures and uphold organizational values.
  • Contribute to building a positive work environment.
  • Report for work consistently and on time.
  • Report to supervision conditions or practices that are unsafe to ebm‑papst and its employees.


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