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Automation Engineer - Tool Shop

Job Title: Automation Engineer - Tool Shop
Department:  Tool Shop

This position is responsible for designing solutions based on the customer requirements. Will be in charge of all electrical/software/automation aspects of the projects from start to completion.

Essential Functions of the Job:
The essential functions of this job require the person, with or without reasonable accommodations, to perform the following:  

  • Organize the review of new projects with the customers, document requirements, and have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.
  • Review new projects with engineering and manufacturing teams. Determine if the tool shop has the capability to complete the job and meet customer requirements.
  • Create concept drawings/code, develop preliminary BOM, and work with mechanical engineers to assemble a detailed quotation for customer review.
  • Use panel design or plc software (Allen Bradley or Siemens) to design a solution keeping manufacturing processes and capabilities in mind. Carefully consider electrical requirement and hardware when designing.
  • Understanding and functional knowledge of PLC’s, low voltage controls, three phase power distribution, vision systems, electronic sensors, pneumatics, hydraulics, and robotics.
  • Ability to read/interpret complex blueprints, ladder logic, create electrical schematics, familiar with safety circuit/logic design
  • Create and maintain 2D CAD drawings, Bill of Materials (BOM), I/O Assignment, and PLC code in accordance to published design standards.
  • Input data into the AS400 MRP system.
  • Work with suppliers/purchasing (PLCs, sensors, vision, robotics, HMIs, etc.) to quote the external components.
  • Assist electrical technicians during assembly process and perform runoff to ensure all electrical/software aspects are functional, work safely, and efficiently to meet user needs. Document assembly process, create build instructions, and operation manual, and plc code.
  • Use of the following software: PLC Programming (Siemens and Allen Bradley), HMI Programming, Panel design, MISC electrical software, AutoCAD, AS400.
  • Work closely with parent company (Germany) or other subsidiaries on projects (China, India, etc).
  • Make recommendations regarding capital tooling and equipment. This may include externally purchased capital equipment, internally produced capital equipment, and inter-plant equipment transfers.
  • Advanced problem-solving, critical thinking skills, effective verbal and written communication, ability to work under pressure, self-motivated, self-starter, hands-on electrical debugging and trouble-shooting, and a great teammate.
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary engineering teams and work with vendors and contractors. Provide technical information to other departments as needed.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Recommended Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Software/Computer/Automation Engineering (or Similar)


All Employees are Expected To:

  • Follow the Employee Handbook policies and procedures and uphold organizational values.
  • Contribute to building a positive work environment.
  • Report for work consistently and on time.
  • Report to supervision conditions or practices that are unsafe to ebm‑papst and its employees.


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