More than just moving air

The requirements are stringent.

Special rooms come with special demands. In cleanroom operation, this means clean air with a high air exchange rate, sufficient pressure, exact temperature and humidity control, and air quality that is always consistent. High-performance ventilation systems are required to achieve all that. ebm-papst has developed special fans for filter-fan-units (FFU) for cleanroom ceilings. These units made up of filter technology and fan ensure the required recirculating air mode. They also prevent contamination in the air and damage or impairments when producing sensitive products. In addition, ebm-papst FFUs are extremely quiet, satisfying the strict noise protection conditions for production in cleanrooms.

All the advantages at a glance

Filter-Fan-Units (FFU) 

A ventilation system that regulates the supply of cleaned fresh air creates a controlled clean room atmosphere to keep the particle content of the room air as low as possible.

  • Extended functionality for auto-addressing, through Modbus DCI 
  • Faster and easier installation

  • Easy system monitoring via MODBUS-RTU interface

  • 6-7dB quieter than the previous market standard
  • Comply with the strict noise protection conditions

  • Efficiency of over 55%
  • 10% lower power consumption compared to the previous market standard

The best product for the
cleanroom technology



Products from ebm-papst offer these advantages in cleanrooms:

The fans of the RadiCal series are particularly suitable for use in filter-fan-units. 


Why do our customers look so happy? Because when it comes to the Internet of Things and the digital transformation, we provide them with a clear competitive edge with GreenIntelligence for intelligent control and interconnection of fans, drives and systems to make applications more powerful, processes more efficient, businesses more successful and their customers more satisfied or industrial ventilation technology, solutions are in demand that ensure top performance and operational reliability in every situation.

GreenIntelligence gives you robust fan solutions with intelligent networking capabilities that provide reliable performance data and extensive control and monitoring functions. They ensure high levels of efficiency and system availability.


So much GreenIntelligence is invested in filter-fan-units (FFU):

  • Expanded functionality for auto-addressing, allowing easier installation
  • Simple system monitoring via MODBUS interface
  • All the necessary hardware and software components from a single supplier
  • Predictive maintenance: Status monitoring for fan and FFU

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