Temperature fan controllers
from ebm‑papst

These temperature sensors/controllers offer fixed or configurable temperature response profiles to allow users to vary EC fan speed around a desired set point


Thermal management system controller

The Thermal Management System (TMS) is a flexible and fully configurable controller that can be used with EC/DC four wire speed controlled fans. Each fan can be individually speed controlled against one of the two temperature sensor inputs. The controller has four Solid State Relays (SSR’s) that can be individually configured to give an alarm output against speed or temperature.


TMS development kit

The TMS development kit is intended for evaluation and design purposes and consists of the TMS controller plus a complete kit of accessories designed to encourage experienced engineers to explore the full potential of this TMS. The result being that this becomes a plug and play option whereby a user has everything they will need to get underway and begin discovering the features. The development kit is built around the TMSB00000-01 but includes the configuration lead, two thermistor cables and a cable kit.


Generic configurable controller

Built on the same platform as CPC and CEC controllers, this user-configurable product a programmable temperature control solution. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) software used with a configuration lead provides customers the ability to modify the controller to meet their individual requirements.


Industrial/commercial HRU controller

The HRU (Heat Recovery Unit) controller is designed specifically for industrial/commercial heat recovery applications. The controller is a mains powered, twin fan controller suitable for all ebm‑papst EC 0-10v speed controllable fans. Both fans are independently controlled with each speed set via an individual potentiometer.


Temperature control module

Temperature sensors with pre-configured 0-10V output response profiles allow users to vary the speed of EC fans by temperature, powered by a +20V DC supply. The modules are supplied in a self-contained, slimline over moulded body that allows for easy installation.