Analogue 0-10v

Analogue 0-10v fan controllers
from ebm‑papst

These controllers are compatible with ebm‑papst electronically commutated products with 0-10V or PWM control input and open collector tachometer output for fault monitoring.


A2P interface

The A2P interface is a 0-10 volt to open collector PWM converter and is designed to work with ebm‑papst 4 wire PWM controlled DC fans. The interface translates the analogue voltage input to an equivalent PWM signal. The interface is matched to the fan so that with its very low power consumption, there is no need for a separate dedicated power supply.


Fan coil monitor/controller

Primarily designed for use with our EC fan coil fans. This provides a simple and low-cost control and monitoring solution for up to 5 EC fans per board, with fan alarm relay output, and an LED to indicate fan failure.