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Making Engineers Happy

Industrial ventilation technology: 
Intelligent thinking. Sustainable action.

Pablo can improve the performance of his ventilation systems

What makes industrial ventilation engineers happy? Being given modern solutions that guarantee them maximum performance and operational reliability. GreenIntelligence offers robust fan solutions with intelligent networking capabilities that not only provide reliable performance data, but also extensive control and monitoring functions. They ensure high levels of efficiency and system availability while guaranteeing maximum data security.


Yet, GreenIntelligence offers solutions that are intelligent as well as sustainable. We are able to increase the service life of products and systems and reduce current consumption by up to 70 %: we think digitally, we act sustainably.

Take your applications to a whole new level with GreenIntelligence, and make yourself and your customers happy!

We are able to increase the service life of products and systems and reduce current consumption by up to 70 %

GreenIntelligence makes a difference in every industry, even in industrial ventilation technology

GreenIntelligence stands for digital and sustainable solutions from ebm-papst, whether that's for drive technology or ventilation technology. But what does that mean exactly? How do we make engineers happy? We get to the heart of it – watch the video now!

Your needs – our solution

Industrial ventilation technology has multifaceted requirements:

  • Efficient, compact and cost-effective solutions with demand-based operation and additional functions for excellent system performance
  • High levels of system and operational reliability, reduced downtimes, robust design (electrical and mechanical)
  • Fast and secure data availability for optimised system utilisation
  • Support available from the application planning stage to system optimisation

GreenIntelligence: Because multifaceted requirements require intelligent and green solutions:

  • GreenTech EC fans with high power density plus smart control and monitoring functions: Captures environmental influences, automatically identifies and avoids critical speed ranges, air flow/PWM control, etc.
  • Predictive maintenance: Monitors condition of the fan and its surroundings
  • Acquires data using sensors, transfers via standard protocols such as MODBUS-RTU (not susceptible to tampering)
  • Reliable performance data: FanScout with customer-specific preselection ("collections"), digital data sheet

Our highlights for industrial ventilation technology

Intelligent cooling – with high-efficiency control cabinet fans
  • Monitors the condition of fans and the surroundings
  • Precise cooling control with option for sensor connection and individual speed control
  • Warning indicator for filter clogging, excessive thermal load, maximum speed
  • Low operating costs due to EC technology and predictive maintenance

Intelligent planning – with energy-efficient RadiFit EC fans
  • High energy savings by switching from AC to EC
  • Planning service assignments based on need
  • Connection to the building management system
  • Automatic condition monitoring
  • The fan as a sensor

Intelligent combination – with modular FanGrid solutions
  • Redundancy for maximum operational reliability
  • Avoids critical speed ranges
  • Controls the system according to demand
  • Displays the optimal operating point
  • High air flow

All required hardware and software components from a single supplier
  • Increased functionality for fault analysis and rectification
  • Simple condition monitoring with intuitive operation
  • Full control over all settings and activities
  • Determines improved resonant range, therefore allowing a longer fan service life and lower maintenance costs


"Digital products solve problems
that analogue products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm‑papst is setting an example in digitalisation. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalisation and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.

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