Pumps made by ebm-papst

Whether for beverage tapping units, washing machines, condensing clothes dryers, or other industrial applications, the ebm-papst production range includes special pumps for specific and defined application areas.

Submersible circulation and dosing pumps

Submersible circulation pumps

Submersible circulation pumps offer the highest performance and reliability for pumping low-viscosity media such as water, condensate or soap and water mixtures, or for circulating coolants in beverage tapping units.

Dosing pumps

Dosing pumps are the specialists for precision dispensing of high-viscosity media such as liquid detergent, fabric softener, oils, paints and lacquers, chemicals and so on.

Pumps made by ebm-papst

For climate control systems, beverage tapping units, washing machines, condensing clothes driers and industrial applications, ebm-papst develops specifically designed pumps: submersible circulation pumps for supplying low-viscosity media such as water, condensate, soapand-water mixtures or for circulating cooling agents in beverage tapping units; dosing pumps for dispensing high-viscosity media with high precision such as liquid detergent, fabric softener, oils, paint, chemicals, etc.

All-round specialists

Pumps made by ebm-papst

Pumps come into contact with an extremely wide variety of media.
The requirements they have to meet are just as diverse.
Particularly in this area, in addition to tried-and-tested standard solutions, entirely new product developments are required. ebm-papst has both the experience and the expertise to help you find the perfect solution to even the most advanced problems.

The facts about pumps made by ebm-papst at a glance

Pumps made by ebm-papst
  • Large pump selection for specially defined applications
  • Also available with asymmetric shaded-pole motor with sprayed motor coil and RAST 5 connection
  • Wide motor range including asymmetric shaded-pole motors, single-phase AC external rotor motors and GreenTech EC motors

The best example: Condensate pump P 11

Condensate pump P 11

We have designed the condensate pump P 11 specially for a renowned white goods manufacturer. Where it is used: a newly designed heat pump dryer, which uses some 50 % less energy than conventional dryers thanks to its innovative energy recovery concept. Improved seals ensure that even at high inside pressure, the condensate is discharged into the wastewater only, not into the room air. A built-in level monitor reliably prevents any disasters. The tried-and-tested shaded-pole technology guarantees sufficient start-up torque from every rotor position, long service life and low manufacturing costs.
Thus we have found the ideal solution for this application as well.

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