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This download package includes

  • FanScout selection software release: v3.0.3.390
  • Data module / collection for RadiFit series

*Data module = Technical information such as noise and air measurement of a product group.

It’s easy:

1. Fill out the form and send it
2. Save the ZIP file and unpack it
3. Save the FanScout software on your drive
4. Open the EXE file and test FanScout

See out online help in the FanScout for detailed information and explanations.

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This is how the ebm-papst FanScout works

You want to get to know the possibilities of FanScouts better? Take a look at our tutorial videos (english)to learn all about the functions and how to use the software.

1. FanScout Video: Setup and install

2. FanScout Video: Basic Search

3. FanScout Video: Basic LLC

4. FanScout Video: FanGrid Search

2. FanScout Video: Basic-Search