Gas blower system iNR77 for condensing gas boilers

Gas blower system iNR77 for condensing gas boilers

More compact gas boilers with the gas blower system iNR77

Gas boilers are becoming ever more compact, as are the components used in them. Which is why ebm-papst have developed a much neater gas blower system. This involved integrating the new electronic gas valve F01 into the housing of the gas blower NRG77. By doing so, the number of components employed has been cut from the previous five, namely blower housing, venturi nozzle, valve housing, valve side cover and gasket to just two: Blower housing with valve and gasket and venturi element with side cover. This arrangement requires only 80 % of the volume of an NRV77 system (150x180x155 mm for the iNR77 as compared to 210x165x155 mm for the NRV77).

The iNR77 operates on the same principle as the NRV77: Gas is drawn through the open safety module and the stepper motor module into the venturi nozzle. There the gas is mixed with air, drawn into the fan and blown into the burner of the gas boiler.

The blower NRG77 integrated into both systems covers a power range of up to 35 kW. Even 1:10 modulation can be achieved with an integrated venturi. The ambient conditions and product service life of the blower and gas valve are also identical for both system versions. In addition, all installation positions with a horizontal shaft are possible with the iNR77.

A G3/4 A pipe thread as per ISO 228 is provided for gas connection. Silencers with an inside diameter of up to 50 mm can be attached to the venturi element.