ECI modular system expanded by adding 42 mm variant

ECI-42 modular system

Modular ECI system comes with user-selectable motor, gearbox and brakes

Small drives are used in a wide range of applications today such as automation, packaging technology and laboratory and medical technology. It is then obvious that users demand very customised characteristics. Hence the drive experts from ebm-papst St. Georgen have developed a drive family with a completely new design. A new 42-mm diameter drive now supplements the range of products for applications with a low power requirement and a small amount of torque.

The brushless, electronically commutated internal rotor motor is available with stator lengths of 20 and 40 mm. This is how the small motor reaches outputs of about 45 or 90 W at 110 or 220 mNm of torque and a nominal speed of 4,000 rpm in each case. With that the new motors offer a higher power density and almost double the torque with about 40% less mass compared to the predecessor type. The motor, whose introductory version was designed with an IP40 protection class, is produced for nominal voltages of 24 and 48 VDC. A rotor position indicator with three Hall-effect sensors is installed into the motor's printed circuit board in the current version. The drive is thus equipped for operation with external, even customised, electronics. The drive energy is output via an 8 mm thick shaft. The ball bearings of the gearbox modules are designed especially robustly for higher radial loads on the gearbox output shaft and thus are ideally suited for applications with pre-tension, such as belt drives. Customer-specific variants are being prepared for other shaft diameters, flange geometry, a centring collar as well as modules for electronics, encoders and brakes. With that, a universal implementation of the new ECI-42 drives is possible.