Güntner: Intelligence for Heatexchangers

In addition to manufacturing high-quality heat exchangers, our core competence lies in the development and production of control components and switch cabinets for heat exchangers. For years we have been delivering efficient, top-quality controllers and switch cabinets, ideally tailored to the functions of Güntner equipment, taking into account not only the heat exchanger and the associated fans, but the system as a whole.

Our customer’s needs are our primary concern. The reliability and energy efficiency of our equipment goes without saying. Naturally, our equipment is developed with a view to simplifying maintenance and keeping it user-friendly. Our highly qualified staff ensure that the technologies implemented are always state-of-the-art. All controls components are automatically configured and dimensioned by the Güntner Product Calculator (GPC) to harmonise with the heat exchanger, thereby providing you with a fully configured plug-and-play device. Our Recipe for Success: Future-oriented development which accommodates our customers’ needs. Optimized production processes for excellent quality. Achieving our highest goal: maximum customer benefit.

The Functional Areas of the Güntner Motor Management (GMM) System

The GMM system specially developed for the Güntner heat exchangers is tailored to achieve the best possible level of effectiveness for heat dissipation: it therefore increases the cost-effectiveness of the refrigeration system. The sophisticated technology used for the control and power components maximizes the service life of heat exchanger and fans. The GMM automatically sets the parameters for the fans and power components, thereby enabling plug-and-play operation. The most up-to-date bus technology used in all GMM systems equips the GMM to perform the three main tasks. The GMM offers the following three functional areas:

Information Manager
Increased Reliability and Transparency of System Operation. GMM’s Information Manager function offers communication interfaces to superordinate control systems and subordinate power units (e.g. frequency converters, EC fans, etc.). It shows all key operation-related information on the display and makes it available to superordinate systems via a bus system or standard interface. This facilitates remote maintenance and makes it possible to call up information about operating signals at any time. This communication functionality increases the reliability and transparency of system operation.

Process Controller
Process Control for Energy-Optimised Operation. The GMM adjusts the fans’ speed according to pressure or temperature, controls processes and thus creates an energy-optimised heat exchanger system. For pressure control, the refrigerant can be selected in the display. Condensing pressure and temperature are also shown in the display. Other settings, such as the type of refrigerant or set points, can be carried out directly via the clear text display.

System Manager
Monitoring Facility for Unit’s Entire Life Cycle. The GMM monitors all operation-relevant components of the heat exchanger. With AC fans, for example, this includes the fan’s thermocontacts, the power electronics and the switch cabinet components. The parameters for the power components are set automatically. The GMM manages the EC fans during commissioning, system operation and servicing. If a power component or an EC fan has to be replaced during servicing, all parameters are automatically programmed. This plug-and-play-capable system automatically executes all according to the respective design point of the heat exchanger and displays detailed information in real time.

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