VAV control solution

Ventilation in functional buildings: VAV-Compact

VAV-Compact e.g.: LMV-D3-MP, Belimo Assistant App

The cost-efficient overall VAV solution with integrated dynamic differential pressure sensor, controller and actuator combined in one compact device for variable and constant volumetric flow systems. The extremely sensitive sensor enables precise Δp-recording and control of even the smallest of volumetric flows. Flexible, workflow adjusted tools: PC tool, Service Tool, Smartphone Assistant App.

Note: VAV components obtainable only via the manufacturers of VAV units (OEM).

Comfort ventilation in residential areas: CMV System

CMV System e.g.: CMV-100-MP

It is now mandatory that modern energy-optimised buildings require controlled apartment ventilation. To precisely regulate small air volumes it requires new, innovative solutions like the CMV-...-MP. As a complete control system, it combines all of the components responsible for this in a single device: air velocity sensor, volumetric flow controller and damper actuator with integrated damper blade. All parts are tailored exactly to one another and thus ready for immediate utilisation. Installed in the interior, the unit provides exact control of the air volume with minimised energy utilisation and without irritating sounds of flow. Tools: PC-Tool, Service Tool.
Note: The CMV-… system is approved exclusively for residential area applications and it is only obtainable from the manufacturers of VAV units (OEM).

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