Volumetric flow control from Belimo

DCV system: Only as much as necessary – not as much as possible.
Volume-variable ventilation system with demand-controlled ebm-papst fans.

DCV - Demand Controlled Ventilation

This term describes the needs-regulated operation of a room ventilation system. Here, the air exchange rate refers to the actual resulting space requirements but not to the calculated full load. The air quality and the temperature act as controlled variables for the corresponding precise volumetric flow controller (VAV-Compact) of Belimo.

The fans of the air handling unit are operated as required and in an energy-efficient manner. For this purpose, the demand of the downstream volumetric flow controller is used directly for controlling the intelligent, stepless EC fans. Only the pressure just required to transport the actual required amount of partial air through the duct system is generated. Such future oriented DCV systems comply with the energy efficiency class A in EN 15232 (Energy efficiency of buildings) and stands for highly energy-efficient building automation and technical building management. Are you looking for ventilation systems with high level of comfort and at the same time with low energy consumption? With a DCV system, this is no longer wishful thinking but a reality!

Note: Conventional, primary pressure-controlled ventilation systems are operated in a way that the primary pressure corresponds to the full load volume, and they operate permanently although they are under partial load for most of the time! The excess primary pressure resulting at partial load is eliminated over the damper blades of the downstream VAV units. Consequences:

  • Excessive duct pressure with unnecessary pressure loss in the air duct system and through the VAV units,
  • Increased flow noise,
  • Unnecessarily high energy consumption of the fans!

Fan optimiser principle – the pressure feedback volumetric flow control system

VAV control solution