Arthur Grillo: Differential Pressure Controller DPC200 & DS85

The "approved controller" combines proven low-pressure measuring technology with the control engineering requirements of ebm-papst.

Differential Pressure Controller DPC200

Arthur Grillo: Differential Pressure Controller DPC200

Arthur Grillo GmbH has many decades of experience in the field of low pressure measurement. Combining skills and experience, the result is a finely coordinated, microprocessor-controlled measurement transducer with a PI-control function for the very lowest of differential pressures.

The differential pressure determined by the electromechanical measurement principle is the initial value for adequate sensor and regulatory functions in connection with GreenTech EC fans by ebm-papst.

The sensor operation of the DPC200 supplies a linear output signal for the measured differential pressure, or alternatively a square-root-extracted output signal according to the calculated volumetric flow rate.

Beside the sensor operation, the DPC200 fulfills closed loop control functions, whereby fans can be directly controlled via control variable. All features can be set directly in the controller to achieve the desired control behaviour.

As an "approved controller", the DPC200-EP offers the following basic features:

  • Optional measurement range
    0… 50 Pa with the DPC200-EP50
    0… 500 Pa with the DPC200-EP500
    0… 1000 Pa with the DPC200-EP1000
    0… 2000 Pa with the DPC200-EP2000
    0… 4000 Pa with the DPC200-EP4000
  • Select between control mode or measurement mode
  • Analogue output 0…10 V, with adjustable limits in the control mode
  • 2 Set values adjustable in the controller
  • PI-algorithm with separate entry of the P and I parameters
  • Switchable measurement variables (differential pressure or volumetric flow rate)
  • Switchable units (metric or Anglo-American)
  • Closed loop control functionr "positive/heating" or "negative/cooling"
  • Volumetric flow rate calculation after input of a k-factor
  • Power supply voltage 10…30 VDC (10mA)

Differential pressure sensor DS85

Differential pressure sensor DS85

The DS85 series of differential pressure sensors are suitable for measuring pressure difference in air or any other non-aggressive gas. Two pressure tappings feed either side of a silicon membrane which deflects to convert the pressure difference into a 0-10V DC signal. The output is linear and proportional to the pressure difference with respect to the range of the sensor. For example, a difference of 250Pa measured on a DS85 with a range of 0-500 Pa will give an output of 5V DC.

The DS85 can be connected directly to ebm-papst EC centrifugal fans with integrated electronics or any controller with a suitable DC-voltage for sensor supply and 0-10V input. When used with a special inlet ring incorporating its own pressure tapping a constant air volume system can also be created.

As an “approved controller”, the DS85 offers the following basic features:

  • Measuring ranges optionally
    0...50 Pa with DS85-50
    0...200 Pa with DS85-200
    0...500 Pa with DS85-500
    0...1000 Pa with DS85-1000
  • Analog output 0...10 V
  • Supply volltage 24 Vac
  • compact plastic housing, protection class IP65

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