Innovations from ebm-papst

ebm-papst would not be ebm-papst if we would not constantly optimise our products and advance their development. Read the latest about our products here.

Best under pressure: the new AxiEco Protect.

Discover an axial fan that performs at its best when it’s under real pressure.

The RVE45 DC centrifugal fan.

Powerful, compact, quiet: The RVE45 DC centrifugal fan. Now also for the high demands of industry.

RadiPac – The Specialist

The specialist in Food service sector. The specialist for infinite volumes of air. The specialist for high static pressure.

Fans for use in greenhouses

High-pressure axial fans for tube ventilation that supplies the plants with CO2 from below.

Connection with future

Working in perfect harmony: the ebm-papst drive solutions for SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE drive regulators from Siemens.

The power to change.

Quieter, more efficient and more powerful than ever: the new generation of RadiCal.


The RV45 DC centrifugal fan is a quiet helper for medical technology and more.

Sky-high performance

With outputs up to 4 MW the VG 450 is the most powerful GreenTech EC gas blower in the world.

New 0.5 to 150 kW condensing blowers

The new compact and efficient condensing blower range RadiMix covers a heat output range of 0.5 to 150 kW.

Axial fan with integrated diffuser.

Today’s heating systems call for new concepts based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuel.


Axial fans for high-performance evaporators

The axial fan family for evaporators – "AxiCool" from ebm-papst – has new members.

aktive cooling

Energy-saving fans K1G 250 and W1G 250

Ideal solutions for refrigerated display cases.

aktive cooling

Active cooling concepts for LEDs

Active cooling technology with ebm-papst compact fans.

RadiCal in scroll housing

VG 100

The new gas blower VG 100 is the first representative of a completely new platform to be particularly compact, efficient and silent, offering new possibilities for more comfortable heating.


Efficiency in new dimensions

Energy-saving RadiPacs – now available up to size 1,000.

RadiCal DC centrifugal fans

RadiCal DC centrifugal fans

The SMART solution. The efficient and robust DC centrifugal fan.



The newly developed system offers unprecedented design flexibility, no compromise and the optimum performance.

Unit Cooler

Unit Cooler

Compact system solution consisting of motor and impeller for evaporator and unit cooler applications

EC centrifugal blowers

EC centrifugal blowers

EC centrifugal blowers with high power density. Innovative and unique.

EC centrifugal fans in fan coils

GreenTech EC fans

Our EC fans are ideal for use with fan coil units and air curtains.

Diagonal compact module

Diagonal compact module

The intelligent solution for electronics cooling.

oil pump

Compact ECI motors provide hydraulic pressure

Robust oil pump system with excellent dynamic operation even at high oil temperatures.

ECI 80

The new ECI 80

High-performance drive for automation

The new RadiPac

The new RadiPac

ebm-papst reinvents the wheel.

Ex ATEX fans with GreenTech EC.

Ex ATEX fans with GreenTech EC.

ebm-papst presents the first ex-protected GreenTech EC fans.

"Approved controller"

Control technology for ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans.

EC medium pressure axial fans

EC medium pressure axial fans

GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension.

RadiFit EC centrifugal fans

RadiFit EC centrifugal fans

Compact, efficient, easily upgraded.

FlowGrid for axial and centrifugal fans

FlowGrid for axial and centrifugal fans

FlowGrid, the innovative air-inlet grille for efficient noise protection features in cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

Compact fan S-Panther 6300 N

Compact fan S-Panther 6300 N

Minimum energy use with maximum flow rate.

Compact fan S-Panther 3250 J

Compact fan S-Panther 3250 J

New high-performance fan in the 92×92 mm class.

GreenTech EC exhaust blower

GreenTech EC exhaust blower

Customised solutions for wood pellet heaters and wood chip ovens.

AxiCool axial fans for evaporators

AxiCool axial fans for evaporators

The axial fans of the AxiCool series are available in sizes of 300, 350 and 450 mm.

Gas blower system iNR77 for condensing gas boilers

Gas blower system iNR77

More compact gas boilers with the gas blower system iNR77.

Dynamic EC motor with integrated control

Dynamic EC motor with integrated control

Compact drive module covers numerous different applications

AxiTop diffuser for axial fans

AxiTop diffuser for axial fans

Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses.

RadiPac centrifugal fans (Plug fans)

RadiPac centrifugal fans

RadiPac centrifugal fans feature outstanding efficiency, good noise behaviour and compact dimensions.

Compact centrifugal modules

Quiet, efficient and easy to assemble.

Diagonal compact fans for high pressure and low operating noise

Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses.

ECI-42 modular system

ECI modular system expanded by adding 42 mm variant.

Energy-saving fans made of biomaterials

Energy-saving fans made of "epylen" wood/plastic composite material.

Axial compact fan S-Force 2200 F

65 % higher cooling density with less energy consumption.

HyBlade® axial fan

HyBlade® – Premium Hybrid Fan. The new composite material for axial fans.

RadiCal centrifugal fans

RadiCal defines new standards for centrifugal fans.

The new axial compact fans

High-performance, compact and efficient.

EC motor VARIODRIVE Compact VDC-3-49.15 K5

Electronically commutated external rotor motor with CANopen interface.

EC motor ECI-63 - modular system

New modular system for individually compiled drive systems with type of protection IP54.

EC motor BG 43

The new BG 43 EC motor features outstandingly robust technology, simple control and a long service life.

High-efficiency in-line duct fan AC 100

Energy-saving EC technology and efficient aerodynamics for exhaust systems.