Innovations that persuade

Controlled power: the ebm-papst ECI 63.

As much power as possible - as much control as possible:
The ebm-papst ECI 63. Built for all applications that require top motor output plus the advantages of intelligent GreenTech EC drive technology. As a system solution that integrates motor, gearbox and sensor technology, the ECI 63 makes its mark with perfected controllability, top dynamics and tops off its qualities with a long, long service life. Thanks to highly automated manufacturing, the ECI 63 even has an exceptional price-performance ratio that is unequaled on the market. Believe it - or check it out for yourself.

Highly dynamic 3-phase GreenTech EC internal rotor motor with outstanding synchronous features
Demand is high for small, compact motors that are high performance, yet take up as little room as possible. Whether in automation, the printing industry or in packaging systems, long service life, even when running at full capacity, is usually an additional demand. Modern GreenTech EC motors are especially suited for this purpose, combining good dynamic characteristics and high efficiency.

System illustration of the ECi 63.

The motor series from the motor specialists at ebm-papst in St. Georgen, Germany, works according to the principle of three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors in internal rotor design. The motor consists of a six-slot stator and a four-pole rotor. The concentrated stator winding has low copper loss, and because it does not require coil crossover, it is also very durable. A targeted air gap extension in the rotor surface reduces the motor detent torque to a minimum. In addition, foregoing all types of oblique parts in the stator and rotor results in significant advantages. Rod-shaped SE permanent magnets made of neodymium iron boron material are embedded in pockets in the plated rotor stack. This holds them in place at high speeds without the need for additional safety measures.

The new family of drives: ECi 63.

The family of drives consists of three base motors with an output of between 85 and 270 W at a nominal voltage of 24 V. The dimensions of the drives vary only in length. The diameter is always a uniform 63 mm. The smallest, which is 85 mm in diameter, is extremely compact. At 100 mm and 135 mm overall length, the two larger models in the family are very compact. They meet the IP 40 system of protection, and the motors are designed so that they can be equipped with encoders and brakes. Digital operating electronics customized for driving these motors are available. Systems offered include both the optical impulse transmitter for the speed sensors and electromechanical brakes. DRIVECONTROL, the external operating electronics from ebm-papst, provides optimum activation and closed-loop speed control of these motors. Currently available accessories for the motors include single and double-stage planetary gears with reduction ratios of 5:1 and 30:1 and a maximum nominal torque of 14.8 Nm. Higher torques can be provided upon request.