ebm-papst answers questions about the ECI 42.40.

Questions and answers
What does the designation ECI 42.40 C stand for?
Firstly, this designation defines the motor principle (electronically commutated - brushless - internal rotor motor) and secondly, the motor dimensions: 42.40 specifies the external diameter of the motor (42 mm) and the length of the stator, 40 mm. And since the designers have constructed a high-performance, 3-phase motor, including integrated control electronics within the smallest construction space, the "C" stands for compact.
What do you understand by "all-inclusive" in connection with a motor?
All-inclusive means that you really get the turnkey drive solution, i.e. an GreenTech EC drive including the operating and control electronics as well as ebm-papst expertise, engineering, and service. It means that this motor system is ideal for anyone who wants to switch to the modern GreenTech EC technology without having to worry about the operating electronics of the motor. In other words, simply connect and get going.
What is meant by maximum performance within the smallest space? Is a sensitive, high-performance motor involved, or is it suitable for even heavy-duty industrial applications?
With the ECI 42.40 Compact you have an all-inclusive, top-class product that is fully tested and qualified and stands for high process security. And this motor offers you maximum performance within the smallest space. Besides a rated torque of 100 mNm, it is outstanding due to its excellent dynamics throughout the entire speed range and high, overload-proof, locked rotor torque. As an ideal entity comprising motor and gearbox the ECI 42.40 Compact also runs extremely robustly, reliably and extremely quietly. All in all, it is a highly compact drive system that is in a leading position, technologically, in all areas and due to its typical service-life values of 20,000 hours and more (both motor and gearbox) it is recommended especially for demanding industrial applications.
What advantages do GreenTech EC motors have as opposed to brush motors?
Distinct advantages of this type of motor are that the GreenTech EC motor is not affected by the disadvantages associated with the mechanical commutator such as wear of the commutation apparatus, brush friction, dust formation due to abrasion, noise, starting difficulties due to corrosion of the commutator bars, and high-frequency disturbances caused by sparking. For the user, this means a higher service life that is beyond compare, excellent dynamics and controllability throughout the entire speed range and a high overload capability of the starting torque.
Which magnetic material is used for this motor?
Contrary to the conventional rotor construction, in the ECI 42.40 C bar magnets of SE magnetic material are inserted in pockets. This not only enables a more rational production of the rotor and a high degree of utilization of the magnetic sheet steel, but also a low-cost magnet production. Furthermore the pockets provide mechanical protection and in addition, high speeds can be demanded without requiring any further design features. The stator production also takes place fully automatically - including the circuitry of the wires leading out using a printed circuit board. Thanks to the single-tooth covering (needle winding) a very high filling factor and thus a good degree of utilization is reached.
The motor electronics and the speed controller are integrated in the motor. Can one assume that this type of operating electronics concerns only simple commutation electronics?
The integrated motor electronics is a fully fledged commutation and speed control electronics that can accelerated and also brake in all directions (4-Q operation). This integrated motor electronics accommodates the entire intelligence of the ECI 42.40 C within the smallest space - or to be more exact, one sixth of the space previously required. The microprocessor-controlled electronics controls the various different tasks of the motor management. 3 Hall sensors send signals for the exact position of the rotor to the microcontroller for the exact commutation of the motor current. The 4-quadrant controller integrates an overcurrent-capable output stage and protective function such as overload and locked rotor protection.
What sort of gear types are included in the program?
The ECI 42.40 Compact with single and multi-stage planetary gears, offers one of the quietest running motor/gear combinations on the market. The compact system convinces with its maximum power density, high reduction ratios per stage and last, but not least, with the maximum modularity of a gear construction kit. The gear transmission ratio ranges from 3 to 150:1, and the rated torque output from 0.3 to 10 Nm. Spur gear and worm gear unit can be supplied as an option.