Capacitor motors

Capacitor motors are available in external and internal rotor designs. The two or four-pole motors of this type feature a simple, robust design. Capacitor motors are versatile in use and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The capacitor motor: A proved principle

Capacitor motors

Capacitor motors are 2- or 4-pole single-phase asynchronous motors with a main winding and an auxiliary winding. To generate a rotary field, the operating capacitor, which is switched in series with the auxiliary winding, attains a phase shift of the main and auxiliary winding. Compared to shaded-pole motors, the capacitor motors feature better efficiency and a higher start-up torque. Capacitor motors include a total of three different models, one with open housing (IP 00), another with semi-open (IP 20) and another with closed motor housing.

All the facts of capacitor motors at a glance

  • Power range: rated output up to 300 watts, rated torque up to 70 Ncm (extension of power range is possible for short-time operation (S2))
  • Nominal voltage / frequency: 230 VAC / 50 Hz (adaptation of motor winding possible for other voltages and frequencies, e.g. 115 VAC / 60 Hz)
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise (also suitable for counter-clockwise rotation if current flow is changed)
  • Insulation class: "F" (VDE/EN)
  • Bearing system: 2 ball bearings
  • Shaft diameter: 8 mm (10 mm or 12 mm possible)
  • Drive-side shaft end: 25 mm (up to 300 mm possible)
  • Mounting position: any (longer service life for horizontal shaft)
  • Applications: Drive motor for gearboxes and pumps, tangential fans, exhaust gas blowers, solid fuel burners, locking systems and door drives, polishing and grinding machines, medical applications, office equipment, packaging machines and many applications more.

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