Condensing boiler technology

"Single inlet centrifugal blowers" refers to blowers with a spiral housing that is open on one side. The characteristic features of this ebm-papst product series are high efficiency, a low noise level, relatively small air flow with a high increase in static pressure, robust design and space-saving application.

Centrifugal blowers for condensing boilers

A single-inlet centrifugal blower is a blower with a scroll housing that is open at one side. Characteristic features of this ebm-papst product line include high efficiency, low noise level, relatively low air flow with high static pressure increase, and a rugged and space-saving design.

System solutions for condensing boiler technology

Thanks to decades of experience, ebm-papst has evolved from a component manufacturer to a systems provider and now offers complete heating systems including gas blowers, venturis and gas valves from a single source to ensure an optimum gas-air mixture.

Gas valves

The main use for our zero-pressure gas valves is in condensing boiler applications for domestic heating systems in the low to medium output range. Our portfolio includes both pneumatically and electronically controlled gas valves for premixing and atmospheric gas burners.