The benchmark in the compact fan class

The benchmark in the compact fan class

Large air flow with high pressure build-up
With a 25 mm installation depth, the 4400FN series holds the blue ribbon for strongest fan in the 120 mm compact class. This development was how ebm-papst, fan manufacturer, reacted to rapid increases in component thickness in electronic devices, and to the corresponding output concentration with simultaneously large pressure loss for ventilation. To reliably dissipate the stray energy, a large air volume is thus necessary with ever increasing pressure levels. Up until now, fans that met these demands were large, not to mention very deep. This, obviously, is counterproductive for these so-called compact devices.

Fans of the 4400 FN series
Image 1: Fans of the 4400 FN series

The highlight of the high-performance fans from St. Georgen (Image 1) is their power: unmatched anywhere ever before. At its optimum operating point, a fan of this series provides 170 m³/h at 75 Pascal pressure build-up; free flowing - i.e. without counterpressure - 225 m³/h. Even with pressure build-up, these fans are unsurpassed, both in the pressure saddle curve (95 Pa) and at maximum pressure with over 200 Pascal. As such, this fan, as a single entity, fulfills many cooling tasks that otherwise would require several fans (Image 2).

Winglet technology
Despite the high output, the 4400FN has an installation depth of only 25.4 mm, and therefore even meets the demands that define "compact" design. The key to making this high performance possible in extremely small places was a combination of the winglet technology and optimized motor cooling for the four-pole motor. ebm-papst also modified the fiberglass-reinforced plastic fan housing to suit the demands. Stronger fastening corners and thinner walls were made possible by using reinforcement ribs. This results in both greater stability and lower noise emissions. Contributing to this effect are the sickle-shaped winglet blades of the polyamide rotor. The electronic equipment of this cooling air wonder is based on the established ebm-papst standard: Even the basic version is equipped with electronic reverse polarity and locked rotor protection.

Curve of the 4400 FN series
Image 2: Curve of the 4400 FN series

In conjunction with Vario-Pro technology, all common alarm, tachometer and speed regulating features are optionally available. The 4400FN series of fans is available in 12, 24 and 48 V DC.