NiQ motors: the "next generation" iQ

Our latest generation of energy-saving motors.

NiQ motors: the “next generation” iQ

The proven iQ motor series – compact motors for driving axial fans for cool air distribution in evaporators and cooling in condensers – has been available for a long time. The NiQ combines the well-known properties of the iQ and iQ² motor series with a new design – inside and out. This is how the development team was able to make the "next generation iQ" even more efficient and above all, more economical. With the plastic used, the motor qualifies for approval in applications involving indirect contact with foodstuffs (for example in open vegetable display cases).

The advantages at a glance:

  • 70% energy savings with GreenTech EC technology
  • Improved efficiency even makes NiQ motors more economical than iQ and iQ² motors in some areas
  • Long service life and smooth operation
  • Easy 1:1 replacement thanks to identical installation dimensions
  • Expanded applications

It's all a matter of TechNiQ

The NiQ is a completely new motor platform that currently provides three sizes with different levels of power. The modified design and intelligent material selection were not the only factors contributing to the NiQ's increased economic efficiency; pioneering production changes also played a role.

Exploded view NiQ

iQ² reverse on start.
The iQ² reverse on start runs backwards automatically for a pre-programmed time at each start-up. This is an important function for cooling units, as it allows accumulated dust to be blown from the heat exchanger of the condenser – for long-lasting high cooling capacity.

iQ² reverse on demand.
With the iQ² reverse on demand, the time and duration reverse operation can be determined. For example, the defrost cycle of the evaporator to eliminate dust from the heat exchanger of the condenser can be used.

iQ² two speeds.
The special performance feature of the iQ² two speeds is its two factoryprogrammed speed steps. For example, the application can be run in different daytime and nighttime modes to save additional energy.

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