The proven iQ motor series for driving axial fans

In refrigerated display cases and bottle coolers in the commercial food sector, fans are in permanent use. This offers major potential for saving energy. The proven iQ motor series – compact motors for driving axial fans for cool air distribution in evaporators and cooling in condensers – has been available for a long time.

iQ motor

iQ/iQ²: from AC technology to GreenTech EC technology
The energy-saving iQ and iQ² motors with EC technology are compatible with existing shaded-pole motors. They feature a high efficiency of up to 65%. As a result of having the same installation dimensions, they accommodate simple 1:1 mechanical replacement.

NiQ motor

NiQ: our latest generation of energy-saving motors
The new NiQ energy-saving motor combines the proven properties of the iQ andiQ²motors with a new design – both inside and outside. This is how the development team was able to make the “next generation iQ” even more efficient and above all, more economical. And it is suitable for indirect contact with food.