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15 March 2019

Compact external-rotor fans turn up the pressure

When the air needed for air conditioning and ventilation is moved over long distances, the fans being used have to work at high pressure to ensure that the required amount of air is delivered in spite of back pressure. ebm-papst has specially adapted its RadiPac centrifugal fan to meet these requirements.

Now RadiPac centrifugal fans are also available for high pressures up to 2,500 pascals.
Now RadiPac centrifugal fans are also available for high pressures up to 2,500 pascals.

Narrower impeller for more pressure
The impeller has been aerodynamically optimized and the blade outlet width narrowed to enable the higher speeds that result in higher pressure. The new RadiPac are designed for high outlet pressures of up to 2,500 pascals and, depending on their size, enable flow rates of up to approximately 15,000 m³/h.

Space-saving external rotor design
The proven external rotor design has been retained, so the high-pressure models are also axially compact and require little space for installation. The fans are driven by high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors, which can be flexibly controlled and intelligently interconnected. Plug & play is no problem thanks to simple connections and commissioning.

High-pressure fans
There are many situations in which fans have to work at high pressure, including complex air distribution networks or air ducts that have to fit in tight false ceilings and naturally need to have small cross sections. This is also the case for air handling units (AHUs) in airports when incoming air passes through an activated carbon filter to minimize pollutant levels. Steam and droplet separators with many pipe bends also cause high pressure losses and call for corresponding performance from the fans used in them.

Expanded portfolio
ebm-papst has expanded its product portfolio, now supplying reliable centrifugal fans with proven EC external rotor design for applications that have to overcome high pressures to achieve optimum air flow. Sizes 630, 560, 400 and 355 are available now.

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