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05 April 2018

Alfred Müller retiring

Alfred Müller was Head of Domestic Sales at ebm-papst for 27 years and, as Managing Director from 2006, successfully established the ebm-papst Austria subsidiary. During that time, he pursued his sales goals with passion and enthusiasm, set up a good network of customers and coworkers, and played an important role in the impressive growth of ebm-papst.

Alfred Müller, Head of Domestic Sales at ebm-papst Mulfingen for 27 years, is retiring
Alfred Müller, Head of Domestic Sales at ebm-papst Mulfingen for 27 years, is retiring

While looking forward to retirement, Alfred Müller looks back with pride on what he achieved with ebm-papst. "I had the good fortune to be part of this company and its story. I appreciated my very trusting relationship with founder Gerhard Sturm, who often backed me internally and gave me good advice and support with demanding customers and challenging problems."

When Müller arrived from Gebhardt Ventilatoren on January 1, 1991, Jürgen Zilling, then Head of Sales, had him set up a successful domestic sales organization. What distinguished him throughout his career: Alfred Müller had an operational role in addition to his management role, visiting potential customers, writing travel reports and bids. He was closely involved in establishing EC technology on the market, opening new business segments like clean room technology in 1996, and increasingly positioning ebm-papst as a systems supplier.

Alfred Müller handed off his position to his successor, David Kehler, in April 2017 and worked until the end of March 2018 as a consultant to company management. He will miss his work at ebm-papst, but is mostly just grateful for it. Alfred Müller is confident that work in sales will continue in his spirit.

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