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02 June 2008

Kids take over the training workshop for a week

The 17th Inventors' Week of the Kocher & Jagst Innovation Region, held during the late Spring school vacation, was a great success. A total of 43 children applied for the orientation program at ebm-papst in Mulfingen, Germany. Of these, 16 participants, 6 of them girls, were selected in a random drawing.

Image 1: Victoria Baumann
Image 1: Victoria Baumann
Victoria Baumann, Sophia Lang, Julia Schmitt, Manuel Eberle, Nicole Hölzer
Victoria Baumann, Sophia Lang, Julia Schmitt, Manuel Eberle, Nicole Hölzer

The purpose of the Inventors' Week is to motivate schoolchildren between the ages of eight and ten to develop an interest in technology. The fifth annual event's success was proven by the projects the kids presented to their parents at the end of the program on Friday, including a ladybug, a small sailboat and a hovercraft.

The young inventors are supervised by Helmut Wagner, retired principal of the Hauptschule Ingelfingen, and Gerhard Enz, retired production manager at Näve. From experience, they know that "our Inventors' Weeks are an outstanding opportunity to take away children's fear of technology and familiarize them with technology at an early age." During the week-long program held in ebm-papst Mulfingen's training workshop, the two retirees were assisted by trainees Yannic Bahr, Artur Bauder, Kathrin Behringer, Oliver Bieber, Markus Hasenfuß, Patrick Heer, Felix Lochner, Susanne Lohmann, Ann-Kathrin Walz and Fabian Weiß.

To establish a relationship to the products of the sponsoring company, the organizers make it a priority to use them in the projects wherever possible. For example, at ebm-papst, which specializes in fans and motors, the ladybug was equipped with a motor, the small sailboat had winglets like those commonly used in certain fan series, and the hovercraft was powered by the air flow from a compact fan.

Once again, it was clear that the girls who participated were just as talented as the boys. "The girls are not intimidated by technology at all," said Wagner, "and they do not hesitate to take cordless screwdriver, frame saw or soldering iron in hand."

This year's enthusiastic inventors were: Victoria Baumann, Manuel Eberle, Christian Haag, Raphael Heli, Nicole Hölzer, Jens Hofmann, Florian Hüber, Steven Karsten, Jens Kober, Sophia Lang, Anna Leiser, Lea Marquardt, Maximilian Prümmer, Julia Schmitt, Lars Striffler, and Jonathan Wicker.

For information on future Inventors' Weeks, contact the "Innovationsregion Kocher & Jagst e. V." in Künzelsau, Germany. Phone: +49 79 40 93 57 96, e-mail:

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