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14 October 2014

New generation of axial fans

In addition to the required air flow, energy efficiency and noise emissions are also crucial for fans in ventilation and air conditioning systems. To achieve improvements here, during optimisations the overall fan system comprising impeller, motor, housing and control electronics must be considered.

New generation of axial fans.
New generation of axial fans.

Using its expertise in aerodynamics, motor technology and electronics, ebm-papst Mulfingen has developed a new series of EC axial fans with diameters from 400 to 910 mm that sets new standards. With single- and three-phase designs, these EC fans cover the power range from 250 W to 1.3 kW with noise emissions that are up to 3 dB(A) lower than previously – with increased air performance.

At the foundation of the new generation of fans are two new EC motors. Thanks to their improved heat dissipation and use of the latest materials, they achieve a higher power density. The new generation's modularity in terms of motors and electronics allows selection of the best combination for a given operating point and power supply requirement. The high efficiency of the GreenTech EC fans is an added benefit.

These fans satisfy the requirements for the IP54 protection rating and the relevant international standards for industrial and household use, e.g. also for heat pumps according to the 60335-1 household standard. The air performance can be regulated as needed via the 0 - 10 V / PWM interface or the serial RS485 MODBUS interface. The interface also features a 10 V output for connecting sensors (e.g. pressure or temperature sensors) and a floating alarm relay output as standard. An optional module is available with an expanded interface with the familiar functionality from ebm-papst's EC technology such as a PID controller, a 20 V output or digital inputs for extended parameter sets.

Typical applications are any air-cooled heat exchangers such as condensers or chillers. This new generation exceeds the ErP 2015 environmental design requirements by far and represents an attractive alternative to the inefficient multi-pole AC fans that are threatened by the ErP 2015 environmental design directive. The next-generation axial fans are available from October 2014.

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