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14 October 2014

Fans for evaporators and unit coolers

The energy-saving fan, designed specifically for use in evaporators, is impressively efficient, extremely reliable and boasts a long service life. When designing and manufacturing this energy-saving fan for evaporators, great emphasis was placed on sustainability and the preservation of resources.

The energy-saving fan specially developed for use in evaporators.
The energy-saving fan specially developed for use in evaporators.

Less material means using less energy in manufacturing, which is why this energy-saving fan was designed as a complete unit. A single solution comprising individual components, this integral approach has achieved greater efficiency. Compared to the more traditional internal rotor motor designs, the amount of steel and copper required has also been halved. The reason behind this improvement in efficiency is the GreenTech EC motor, as well as the one-piece impeller using the established HyBlade® technology with profiled blade geometry and winglets. The EC motor ensures that 30% less energy is consumed than average evaporator fans with traditional AC motors, while single brackets make assembly relatively easy thanks to the flexibility of the mounting holes. The design allows the customer to retain his existing guard grille design and there is no need to disassemble the evaporator unit even when retrofitting.

The external rotor design has made the energy-saving fan extremely compact, translating into a very low mounting depth. The GreenTech EC motor used meets IP54 requirements and is thus more than able to meet the tough demands in the evaporator. Two speeds are available as standard, a selection that can be tailored to provide further energy-saving possibilities. The 300 mm version of the evaporator fan is now available.

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