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08 September 2014

Successful energy scouts project: Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers training in tandem with ebm-papst

The ebm-papst energy scouts have been a successful project. Launched by the fan specialist in 2010, the project, in which trainees take on the responsibility of finding where energy is wasted and improving the situation, has attracted a great deal of attention and acclaim since its introduction.

Practice oriented: The trainees were able to learn by doing at ebm-papst's production facility in Hollenbach.
Practice oriented: The trainees were able to learn by doing at ebm-papst's production facility in Hollenbach.

In the course of its SME Energy Transformation Initiative, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) picked up on the project and promoted it to Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 23 of them throughout Germany have now added the energy scouts training strategy to their further training offerings. Well over 500 trainees nationwide have received the training since then and are helping their companies to save valuable energy.

At ebm-papst in Mulfingen, where the project was conceived, the first one-day energy scouts training course has now been carried out jointly with the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The 50 or so people who attended began the day with a theoretical component. Benjamin Friedle, the trainer, explained the fundamentals of raw materials and resources, energy efficiency, electricity and electricity costs to his audience at the Stauseehalle. At midday the trainees were able to do some practical work. In various workshops at the production facility in Hollenbach, they learned how to use measuring equipment such as thermal-imaging cameras and pressure gauges.

The workshop leaders were Volker J. Wetzel (of symbiotherm Energieberatung), Hartmut Herzberg (Herzberg Gebäudeanalyse GmbH), Benedikt Moser (Eproplan GmbH) and Marcel Felzmann (Eproplan GmbH).

Following the training, Stefan Gölz, Head of the Department for Companies, Energy and the Environment at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the ebm-papst Group, discussed the development and success of the project. "The idea behind the energy scouts project is to bring the issues of energy saving and environmental protection into the company and to show that great things can be achieved by making what appear to be small changes," said Gölz in effort to explain why the Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to offer the training. Rainer Hundsdörfer emphasised that in the first four years of the energy scouts project at ebm-papst, several hundred thousand euros have been saved, adding, "In the debate about the transition to renewable energy, it is important to focus not just on energy generation but also, to the same extent, on the consumer side. The energy scouts are a good example of how companies, the public sector and consumers can be motivated to achieve energy efficiency."

Lisa Bahr, one of the first ebm-papst energy scouts and a co-organiser of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry training programme, said: "It is pleasing to see how our energy scouts idea has been taken up throughout the country. It makes me proud to see that there is such a high level of interest in it from other companies and associations."

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